Bullwinkle's Whole Wide World

Bullwinkle’s 45’s

Tuesday, May 26


On this edition of Bullwinkle’s Whole Wide World, I hauled a bunch of my 45’s to the station. It’s an all vinyl 45 set.

01. 1977 by The Clash
02. Breathless by X
03. Big Money by Big Black
04. Mr. Soul by Love Battery
05. You Stupid Asshole by Mudhoney
06. When Will I Be Loved by Nick Lowe & Dave Edmunds
07. Sunderberry Dream by Fuzz
08. It’s Tomorrow by Overwhelming Colorfast
09. Took That Thing by Mono Men
10. Horses by Glitter Wizard
11. Spit In My Life by The Shrine
12. Crows In Swine by Red Fang
13. Brained Warrior by Zig Zags
14. If I’m Lucky I Might Get Picked Up by Iggy Pop & Zig Zags
15. Floating Island by Ovvl
16. Will Anything Happen? by Dirty Fences
17. Bullet by God Bullies
18. (We Will Not) Remember You by Antiseen
19. Baby You’re So Repulsive by Crime
20. We Got The Nutron Bomb by Weirdos
21. Our Lips Are Sealed by Go-Go’s
22. Normal Carpet Ride by Rocket From the Crypt
23. Love Man by Deke Dickerson And The Bo-Keys
24. Dirty Noise by Dead Moon
25. You Must Fiht To Live On The Planet Of The Apes by The Mummies
26. I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am by Merlr Haggard
27. Hell City Hell by Supersuckers
28. Down In Flames by Dead Boys
29. Swim And Sleep (Like Sharks) by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
30. Sick Little Girl by Pop Will Eat Itself
31. Killer Bud by Snow Bud And The Flower People
32. Just Like Heaven by Dinosaur Jr
33. Detox Man by Gorilla
34. Come Back Traci by Sloppy Seconds
35. Gates Of Steel (Live) by Devo
36. Blue Jean by David Bowie
37. Give Me Some Money by Gories
38. The Trooper by Iron Maiden


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