Bullwinkle's Whole Wide World

Rockabilly Heroes

Friday, June 5

01. Party Tonight by Hayden Thompson
02. Rock-A-Billy Hound Dog by Wanda Jackson
03. Maybellene by Mac Curtis
04. Bop, Bop, Baby Be Bop by Bobby Wayne
05. Till You Get Home by Wayne Keeling
06. Eat Your Heart Out Annie by Marshall Lytle
07. One More Beer by The Rimshots
08. Rockabilly Queen by Ronnie Haig
09. One Cup Of Coffee by Glen Glenn
10. Stealin’ A Move by Billy Swan
11. Another day On Route 66 by Jerry Merritt
12. C’mon Pretty Baby by Larry Merritt
13. Mean When I’m Mad by The Atomics
14. Sucker For A Cheap Guitar by Marc Bristol
15. Stay With Me by King Kerosene
16. Drinkin’ Wine by Harry Hepcat
17. Haircut Boogie by The Nu Niles
18. Hotrod Road by The Convertibles
19. R & R Saddies by Kenny King
20. Never Again by Don Weise
21. Race With Cliff by Bob Timmers
22. Road Trip by Al Anderson
23. Blues Train by Denny And The Brad Cats
24. Bop To Be by Billy Swan
25. Too Much Fun by Buddy Knox
26. I’m Heading Home by Narvel Felts
27. Rockin’ in The Shadow Of Sun by Alton & Jimmy
28. The Cream Of The Crop by Marco DiMaggio
29. Hip Shakin’ Baby by The Convertibles
30. Pantyhose by Adjusters
31. Hillbilly Cat by Hillbilly Hellcats
32. Take Me Baby by Dave Crimmen
33. Take These chains by Piper Vincent
34. Long Dark Night by Josie Kreuzer
35. Cutie Pie by Ken Davis
36. King Of Saturday Night by Bughouse Five
37. Real Gone Daddy by Tony Maserati
38. Studebaker Blues by Chuck Owston
39. Hit & Run by Highway 13
40. Hot Chicks by Nick Gilroy Kombo
41. Vegas by Kenny King & Bob Timmers


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