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Wednesday, September 9

up side down cross

DJ E and his pal L. Ron Hubbard stop by to play some songs.

01. Combat Shock by Meth Drinker – Bullwinkle
02. Chasing Death by Slayer – Bullwinkle
03. Soul Hacker by Fear Factory – Bullwinkle
04. All Hail Hell by Midnight – DJ E
05. Come To The Sabbath by Mercyful Fate
06. Debreeding by HORNSS – DJ E
07. Saruman’s Wish by Orange Goblin – DJ E
08. Pusher Man by Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats – Bullwinkle
09. Close the Casket by Pentagram – Bullwinkle
10. In The Meantime (Helmet) by Soulfly from Triple Tribute 3 – Bullwinkle
11. The Bit (Melvins) by Mastodon from Triple Tribute 3 – Bullwinkle
12. Hexagram (Deftones) by Nasty Taste from Triple Tribute 3 – Bullwinkle
13. Hot For Teacher by Van Halen – L. Ron Hubbard
14. Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses – L. Ron Hubbard
15. Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones – L. Ron Hubbard
16. Separate Ways by Journey – L. Ron Hubbard
17. Infestation Of Grey Death by Cathedral – Bullwinkle
18. Ween by Help Me Scrape the Mucas off My Brain – DJ E
19. A Flock of Seagulls by I Ran (So Far Away) – DJ E
20. Take on Me by A-Ha – DJ E
21. Building With Fire by Enslaved – Bullwinkle
22. Crazy Train by Metalachi – Bullwinkle
23. Immigrant Show by Metalachi – Bullwinkle


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