Bullwinkle's Whole Wide World

The 90’s! Got To Love Them.

Tuesday, October 6

01. We Play Girlfriend by Nero’s Rome
02. Amphetmine by Bundle Of Hiss
03. Antilyrival by Seaweed
04. Crooked Bird by Gas Huffer
05. Eat My Dump by The Thrown Ups
06. Love Your Money by Daisy Chainsaw
07. High On The Hog by Tad
08. Second Skin by The Gits
09. Off The Slug by Greta
10. Two Way Street by Blood Circus
11. Under My Skin by Dandelion
12. On The House by Gnome
13. Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe by Whale
14. Gyroscope by Tumbleweed
15. Unleaded by Teeth
16. Same by Stymie
17. I’ll Stay High by Dig
18. I’m Feeling Nothing by Dada
19. We Ate Sand by Karp
20. Look Away by Coffin Break
21. Miniskirt Mob by Dickless
22. Reanimator by Slendora
23. Rumpled Blanket by My Name
24. Shifter by Collected Thoughts
25. Sold My Fortune by Sugartooth
26. Nectarina by Blinker The Star
27. Spit by NY Loose
28. Monday by Bitch Alert
29. Voodoo Doll by Crunchbird
30. Zoo by Swallow
31. 500 Foot Jesus by Feast
32. Grunge Couple by That Dog


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