Bullwinkle's Whole Wide World

What Happened In Reno?

Tuesday, April 5

cute and cuddly

01. Rocky’s Pal by Rocky and Bullwinkle
02. Caught In A Dream by Alice Cooper
03. Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed by David Bowie
04. Stupid Superstars by King Tuff
05. Does It Float by Dinosaur Jr
06. Sally Greesnake by Altamont
07. Apparent-Transparent by Angry Angels
08. Garbage Pit by Angry Samoans
09. Frogger by Bad Religion
10. Bummed-Out Guy by Pop-O-Pies
11. Like You Want by Dwarves
12. PA Trouble -> Problems by Sex Pistols from 1976-09-24 Burton-On Trent UK The 76 Club
13. You Can Be (From: The Garbage Pail Kids Movie) by Jimmy Scarlet
14. Shang-ALang by Bay City Rollers
15. Want You by The Bangles
16. Maid In Heaven by Be Bop Delux
17. The Ju Ju Man by The Beginning
18. Let It Go by Def Leppard
19. Jet To Jet by Alcatrazz
20. Abduction -> On the Rox by Steeler
21. Car Crash by Dirty Americans
22. Carolina Country Ball by Elf
23. Black Swampy Water by Elf
24. Black Sheep Of The Family by Rainbow
25. Do You Close Your Eyes by Rainbow
26. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll by Rainbow
27. Wishing Well by Black Sabbath
28. Country Girl by Black Sabbath
29. TV Crime by Black Sabbath
30. Badass Rock ‘n’ Roll by Anvil
31. Shoot Out All Your Lights by Motorhead
32. Mirage Of Blood by Murdercar


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