Bullwinkle's Whole Wide World

Are Your Ready For Summer?

Monday, June 12

DJ Spaceman Cam stops by to help Rocky and Bullwinkle kick off summer!
01. Let’s Go To The Beach by White Wires
02. Let’s Go Boogaloo by Tekeshi Terauchi
03. Bam Bam Baji by Seven Letters
04. Maharadja by The Tramps
05. Cat Called Domino by Roy Orbison
06. Cheap Beer, Fast Cars And Girls by The Spites
07. Baja by The Astronauts
08. Flight Of The Mosquitoes by Atomic Mosquitoes
09. Pintor by The Pharos
10. Big Sur by Majic Castles
11. I Own You by Tricky Woo
12. Road Runner by The Journeymen
13. Wampus Cat by Johnny Burnette
14. Loophole by The Royal Coachmen
15. The Dreg by The Fleshtones
16. She’s On Fire by King Tuff
17. California Girls by Shark
18. Pink Purple Yellow And Red by The Sorrows
19. My Baby’s Barefoot by Syndicates
20. PBR by Untamed Youth
21. The Tenth Plan by The Fresh-O-Matics
22. Our Favourite Martian by Husky & The Sandmen
23. Picket Fence by The Headcotes
24. Blowin’ Your Mind by Gordon Parks
25. Klingons vs. Daleks by The Phantom Surfers
26. See My Friends by The Kinks
27. Within You Without You by the Beatles
28. Pass The Dutchie by Musical Youth
29. Jailbait by Travel Agency
30. Title Wave by Thee Oh Sees
31. Sea Saw by John Reis & The Blind The Shake
32. Lonely Boy by The King Khan & BBQ Show
33. Aun No Cree Enlos Zombies by Los Acapulos
34. Tequila by The Ventures
35. Gates Of The West by The Clash
36. Flower Bomb by Cosmonauts
37. Letter From Hawaii by Surf Punks
38. Don’t Blow Your Mind by Spiders
39. The Party’s Over by The Original Sin


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