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This site was set up to help the DJs of Radio Valencia, a radio station in San Francisco’s Mission District, to be the best little freeform, non-corporate, community-oriented, seat-of-the-pants DJs that they can be.

As a general rule, the larger a human endeavor gets the more complicated and confusing it gets. Or tends to get. Or simply confusing, but not complicated. Or vice verse. Same goes for paragraphs in fact. Anyway,this guide is an effort to make things less confusing and/or complicated by spelling out, exactly, how to do a lot of stuff around the station.

You, as a participant in this crazy experiment, are invited to add your own instructions on how to do things. Learn how to write on the Radio Valencia guide here. If you are already logged in on, you should already be logged in here. If not — just log in with the same username and password.

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