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How to remotely log into the SAM computer

There’s two ways to log into the SAM computer:

1) TeamViewer

Download TeamViewer from (its free). Then fire up TeamViewer and point it to 551 450 868. If you don’t know the password, ask someone who would know…

Sometimes TeamViewer doesn’t respond, so its nice to have a second way to access the SAM computer, thus:

2) VNC

On Mac, download Chicken of the VNC.

On Windows, download the VNC Viewer.

Then run it, and for the server address, put The password is the same as for TeamViewer. If you don’t know it, ask someone who would.

If that address doesn’t work, go here and look at the “server address” at the top of the page. If that page asks for a username and password, the username is “radio” and the password is “valencia!”.

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