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Scheduling a rerun on the SAM computer

1) If you need to remotely log into the SAM computer, see this post.

2) go to the SAM window, which is usually on monitor 2. If its minimized, you can show it by clicking its icon in the system tray (the area by the clock).

3) to queue a rerun, you’re going to go to the “Event Scheduler” panel in SAM. If you can’t see it, click on the “Desktop 3” button at the top of the SAM window.

4) to add a new event, click the + icon on the Event Scheduler. Remember that the frickin window will appear on monitor 1.

5) then on that Event Scheduler window, give the event a name (the text field at the top), and click “add files to queue”, and then click the “+ file” button on the right, and browse to the file. Remember that the shows that have already been uploaded are stored in D:\RadioValencia\ShowArchives\Shows, and there’s always a file named “newest.mp3” which is the last show.

But note that if you queue files from the local harddrive of the SAM computer (i.e., d:\RadioValencia\ShowArchives\Shows), it won’t including any trimming that they’ve done. It also won’t show any favorites. Therefore a better way is to download the file from our webserver first, by opening Firefox and going to, then downloading the show to the harddrive somewhere, and then playing that file in SAM. Downloading an entire episode takes about a minute.

And note that all episodes marked “favorite” by a user are in

6) now the text area will say something like:


That will simply play the file, at the scheduled time. But the problem is it’ll wait for the currently playing file to finish, which can be a problem if its a long file like a show rerun. So a better solution is to tell SAM to clear the queue and play the file, so make the above line look something like this:




You’d replace the line that starts with Queue.Addfile with the file you’re playing.

7) now set the time the event happens by clicking the “Scheduled Times” folder tab. Set your time, and remember to click the “add” button afterwards.

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