Like A Freakin' Disney Movie
January 15, 2014 8:00am


Untitled by Hash Jar Tempo from Well Oiled (3-26-1995)
The Garden by Owen Hand from I Loved A Lass
Ember by Pantaleimon from The Butterfly Ate The Pearl
Satisfaction by Trad Gras och Stenar from Gardet (12-6-1970)
Conspiracy On Neptune by Prince Jammy from Destroys The Invaders
Metabolismus by Grounded from Grounded 7"
The Will Come, Is Now by Ronnie Boykins from Ronnie Boykins
April In Paris by Billie Holiday from All Or Nothing At All
Toivon Halvannuttamat by Kemialliset Ystavat from Harmaa Laguuni
Triad by The Byrds from Notorious Byrd Brothers
(various selections) by Inca Eyeball from I've Just Come In Off The Boat
Vampire Blues by Neil Young from On The Beach
Spirit Of Love by C.O.B. from Spirit Of Love
Cave In On You by Jandek from Ready For The House
Godspeed Gnome by Stefano Pilia from Healing Memories...And Other Scattering Times
In The Train With No Lights by Colleen from Everyone Alive Wants Answers
Vergegenwartigung by Popol Vuh from Aguirre

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