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With Brian and Janine
Halloween Extravaganza!
October 31, 2014 4:00pm
It's Halloween - Tino
Eyes Of Kerazi - The Camel
Creepy Feeling - Jelly Roll Morton
Hush Hush Hush (Here Comes The Bogeyman) - Henry Hall
Spooky - Classics IV
Apocryphon - The Sword
Hardy Boys Opening Theme
Christine - John Carpenter
Contamination - Goblin
Disneyland Haunted Mansion
Wicked City - Sorcery
Dry Bones - Fats Waller
Beast Within - Oktopusi
Tricks - Tino
The Amityville Horror - Lalo Schifrin
Forces Of Evil - Wheruatma
Beware - Dr. Butcher M.D.
Feed My Frankenstein - Alice Cooper
Jekyll & Hyde - Mighty 'Em
Lucifer Sam - Pink Floyd
Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo
Boris The Spider - The Who
Goosebump Dub - Sinuendo
Alucarda - Haz567
Monster Squad - K Star
Death Shout - Fearlano
Spookies - Tornatore
Halloween - Aloha Annie & Idiot
Main Title From Touch Of Evil - Henry Mancini
Halloween Main Theme - Zombie Zombie

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