With Brian and Janine
Avec Marcus Deux
May 15, 2015 4:00pm


Crystal Liason - The Fugs
Love To Love You Baby - Nick Springs
Univox SR-120 - Nick Springs
Dippity Do Commercial
Lava - Ministry
Chozzar Over Abyss - The Anti Group
Passcivecation Program - Mark Stewart & The Maffia
Powerhouse - Raymond Scott
They're Calling My Flight - Cliff Martinez
Asleep At The Wheel - Band Of Skulls
I Call My Baby Pussycat - Parliament
Burnt Offering - The Budos Band
African Reggae - Nina Hagen
Worship The Sun - Allah-Lahs
House Of Mirrors - David McCallum
Fred Vom Jupiter - Die Doraus & Die Marinas
Black Metal - The Soft Pink Truth
Sexy Lady - Gerard "PJ" Browne
Lucky Bag - Princess Tinymeat
Angels In Pain - Princess Tinymeat
David Bowie Needs Ideas - Bongwater
Je M'appelle Geraldine - Jean-Claude Vannier
Boys Latin - Panda Bear
Nightcrawler - Patrick Cowley
Ass Nation - Psychmajik
Person To Person - The (Hypothetical) Prophets
Liquid Sky - Soundtrack
Flatwoods Story - Visitors
Prelude & Rooftops - Vertigo Soundtrack
Crank - Nurse With Wound

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