With Brian and Janine
A Visit From Lady Zeitgeist
October 30, 2015 4:00pm


It's Halloween Dub - Tino
Wampyr - Goblin
Christine - John Carpenter
Scanners Main Theme & Public Scanning - Howard Shore
Forces Of Evil - Wheruatma
The Narrow Way Pt I - Pink Floyd

Lady Zeitgeist Live Set:
For Love Or Liberation
Metal Invictus - Agatha Varshenka
As We Fly - Agatha Varshenka
Hatred Takes A Lot Of Work
My Heart In A Vault
Roller Coaster
The American Dream

The Narrow Way Pt II - Pink Floyd
Out Of Time - The Soft Moon
Geisha Girl - Lady Zeitgeist
Phoenix Flames - Lady Zeitgeist
Moshpit In Vienna - Lady Zeitgeist
Treats - Tino
Silver Shamrock Promo
Seven Gateways Of Clark Ashton Smith - Matias 5
Goosebump Dub - Sinuendo
Justice For Some - Lady Zeitgeist
Hamburger Lady - Throbbing Gristle
Spirit Of The Age - Hawkwind

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