I Can't Tell You Why
January 19, 2016 10:00pm


Moon In June by Soft Machine from Third (1970)
Sarah Anne by Daniel Bachman from Jesus I'm A Sinner (2013)
Program Me by Bruce Haack from Electric Lucifer (1970)
When I Die, Hell Awaits by LSD March from Kanashimino Bishounen (2004)
I Can't Tell You Why (chopped + screwed) by Eagles / Lincoln Block Entertainment
Emergence by Larkin from O'cean (1979)
Warm Canto by Embryo from Rocksession (1973)
Gambling by Roots Radics from Trojan Dub (1983)
Walking And Falling by Laurie Anderson from Big Science (1982)
Gog Ma Gog by Steve Miller + Lol Coxhill from Miller/Coxhill (1973)
Black Is The Color Of My True Loves Hair by The Silence from The Silence (2015)
1983 by Jimi Hendrix from Electric Ladyland (1968)

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