Jefferson / 3 Moons live in the studio
May 5, 2016 8:00pm


Pome Pome Tones
Jefferson / 3 Moons live in the studio
Incantations (part 1) by Mike Oldfield from Incantations (1978)
Gargantuan Encounter by Annette Peacock + Paul Bley from Dual Unity (1972)
Magnet and Steel by Walter Egan from Not Shy (1978)
Forest Flower (Sunrise) by Charles Lloyd from Live Monterey Jazz Festival 9-18-66
Echoes by Gene Clark from with Godsin Bros (1966)
Double Call Of Toucan Night by Monopoly Child Star Searchers from Garnet Toucan (2012)
Paper Stud by Savage Young Tater Bug from Shadow Of Marlboro Man (2016)
Invocation To The Horned One by Wilburn Burchette from Guitar Grimoire (1973)
Burn A Hole In The Horizon by Bloodwall from 7" (2010)
(Jeff - 3 Moons live in studio)
Mandrake Root by Deep Purple from Shades Of Deep Purple (1968)
Ripening Sheaves by Fountain Sun from Music Today (2016)
(Jeff - 3 Moons live in studio)
Mars In Phrygian by 3 Moons from Astronomy Of Dreams (2015)
Out Of Body Experience by Idaho Joe Windslow from Smoke Your Fear (2012)
Da Bird Song by Howard Wales from Hooteroll? (1971)
Mountainside by Village Of Spaces from Alchemy And Trust (2011)

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