With Brian and Janine
Death Wish At 120 Decibels - With Special Guest Janine
August 5, 2011 4:00pm


Stunts? Rock? Analog Synthesizers? Yes Yes and YES!
In this Very special episode of Sonic Subversion We played:
Brian's songs:
Afrocat - Richard C. Sanders
Let's Go Trippin' - Dick Dale and his Deltones
Ladytron - Roxy Music
Lonesome Electric Turkey - Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention
AMA Marijuana PSA
Daily Nightly - The Monkees
Johnny Blade - Black Sabbath
Space Oddity - David Bowie
Stunt Rock Theatrical Trailer
Sacrifice - Sorcery
Wizards Council - Sorcery
Burned Alive - Sorcery
Stunt Rocker - Sorcery
Wicked City - Sorcery
Fox On The Run - Sweet

Janine's Songs:
Sunday Morning - Angel
She Looks A Lot Like You - Clocks
Conversations - Saga
Christine - John Carpenter
Life Beyond LA - Ambrosia
Martians Radio
Flyin' - Prism
The Fight - Bary DeVorzon
Why Me - Planet P
Hold Your Fire - Atomic Rooster
Sweet Loraine - Uriah Heep
Innocence - Harlequin
Science Fiction Daze - Cherie Currie
Strange Dreams - Frank Marino & Mahagony Rush
Statler and Waldorf

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