With Brian and Janine
August 12, 2011 4:00pm


E2 E4 - manuel gottsching
77' Slightly Delayed - Ashra
(talkover music - Stephen Halperin - Spectrum Suite)
Kraftwerk - Abzug
Your Love - Frankie Knuckles
Televised Green Smoke - Carl Craig
Remake Uno - paperclip People (carl Craig E2 E4 RMX)
Midnight On Mars - Ashra
Summer Madness - Kool And The Gang
Fat Mama - Herbie Hancock
Home Is Where The Hatred Is - Gill Scott-Haron
Out Bloddy-Rageous - Soft Machine
Breakout - Black Sabbath
Over To You - Black Sabbath
Love Has Taken Over My Brain - Buster Jangles Flying Mattress
Mr. Deal - J.C. Heavy
Cinnamon Girl - The Deep Set
Attempted Contact - Gentry
Motorhead - Hawkwind
Highway Star - Deep Purple (from Beat Club)
The Orchids - Psychic TV

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