With Brian and Janine
45 rpm Lucky Dip!
November 4, 2011 4:00pm


Ocean - Velvet Underground
White light white heat - David Bowie
Dancing Elephants - The Wild-Cats
A Thousand Shadows - The Seeds
Dante's Inferno - The Blues Magoos
Tried To Hide - The Thirteenth Floor Elevators
Out Of Focus - Blue Cheer
Zig Zag - Ramrods
My Boy Lollipop - Millie Small
Groove Me - The Love Ins
Buzz Saw - The Turtles
Moulty - The Barbarians
Blues For Six Bits - WM. Green and Marty's All Stars
Bongo Party - Davie Allen And The Arrows
A Little Bit o' Soul - The Music Explosion
Blues Theme - Davie Allan And The Arrows
Tomatoes - Neall Hefti
Where Is My Mind - The Vanilla Fudge
Jelly Jungle - Lemon Pipers
Ghost Riders In The Sky - Ramrods
Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep - Lally Stott
Hitchin' A Ride - Vanity Fare
Treadin' - The Sopwith Camel
A Thousand Shadows - The Seeds
king size Guitar - The Ramrods
Summertime Blues - Tyrannosaurus Rex
The Look Of Love - The Vanilla Fudge
Ride A White Swan - Tyrannosaurus Rex
She Turns To Flowers - Befour Three O'Clock
Dirt - The Stooges
United - Throbbing Gristle
Zyklon B Zombie - Throbbing Gristle
Grimly Forming - Befour Three O' Clock
That Woman's Mind - J.C. Heavy
Song For Jimmi - Wolfrilla
Starless(live) - King Crimson
While We Were In Your Room Talking To To Your Wall - Befour Three O'Clock

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