With Brian and Janine
When You Think One Thing Is Another Thing
October 12, 2012 4:00pm


Never Had Any Reason - Head East
Burned Alive - Sorcery
The Sorcerer - Alaska
Hey Presto, Magic Man - Explosive
Jekyll & Hyde - Mighty 'Em
O.D. - Vincent Crane's Atomic Rooster
Rocket Summer - Galahad
Night Of The Fly - Monsoon
Love It Is - Satisfaction
Hurry On Sundown - Hawkwind
Mobius Trip - H.P. Lovecraft
WKRP In Cincinnati - Steve Carlisle
Starsailor - Tim Buckley
Super Stupid - Funkadelic
Please Don't Touch - Head Girl
Travellin' Lady - Rainbow Family
Get On The Line - Steel Mill
In A Technicolor Dream - The Grumble Weeds
Quarter To Now - Templar
E Coli - Throbbing Gristle
Come Saturday Morning - The Sandpipers
Daydream Believer - Lord Sitar
Dragnet - Ray Anthony
Sippi' - Louisiana Sugar Babes
Interstellar Overdrive - Pink Floyd
Baby Topless - J.-P.M. & Co.

Some Facts Discussed in the show were not entirely accurate upon further research, including some years of songs, the age Tim Buckley when he died (not 27 but 28) and whether he knew what substance he was ingesting (apparently he did)

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