With Brian and Janine
Communications From Space
November 16, 2012 4:00pm


Slip Into Something More Comfortable - Kinobe
Telstar - The Tornadoes
Spin Spin Spin - H.P. Lovecraft
Motherless Child - Sweetwater
Wolf City - Amon Duul II
International Sponge - Alien Planetscapes
Golden Glass - The Misunderstood
Boots Of Ascention - F/1
The Flying Machines - Don Crown
Angela (Theme To Taxi) - Bob James
Diner In Japan Vs. Carol Marlowe
Cannonball Noodle - Silver Apples
It's Business As Usual - Bary Adamson
Tic Tac Dough - Hal Hidey
Can You Hear Your Daddy's Footsteps - The Zakary Thaks
Brain Ticket - Agricultural Metaphor
Miti - Bestial Mouths
The Seventeen Forever - Befour Three O'Clock
Space Music
The Day The Earth Caught Fire - City Boy
Don't Fear The Reaper - The Vincent Black Shadow
NSU - Cream
On The Road Again - Rockets

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