With Brian and Janine
Special End Of The World / Winter Solstice / Yule / Sonic Subversion With D.A. Wilson
December 21, 2012 4:00pm


Poet D.A Wilson and other guests join Brian And Janine for this very special installment of the Sonic Subversion Program.

Hole In The Sky - Black Sabbath
Symptom Of The Universe - Black Sabbath
Electric Sleep - Black Sabbath
Merry Xmas Song - Pink Floyd
Mr. Soul - Buffalo Springfield
I'm A Living Sickness - The Calico Wall
War Of Distortion - The Leaves
New Age - Velvet Underground

Sons of Anacreon "Greeting" (from "Naughty Bits" 2002)
Oak Ash & Thorn "To Anacreon In Heaven" (from "Out on a Limb" 1980)
D. A. Wilson "First Hours of a Rainy Day" (San Francisco, 09/05/1999)

I Don't Live Today - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Circle Sky - The Monkees
Chapter 24 - Pink Floyd

D. A. Wilson live reading "North Beach Station" (from Roarshock Page, Vol. 5, No. 1)
She Was Golden - Brass Farthing

Unbroken Chain - Grateful Dead
Jesus Built My Hotrod - Ministry
End Of The World - Skeeter Davis
Two Tribes (Annihalation mix) - Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Happy Donut - Dieselhead

D. A. Wilson live reading "Hallowe'en" (from Roarshock Page, Vol. 5, No. 2)

The Rope - Brass Farthing (from "More Songs About Dogs & Beer" 2010)

I'll Be Home For Christmas - Milla Milojkovic (live in studio)
Cromlech - Wolf People

Queen's Privateer - Sons of Anacreon (from "Pull My Finger" 2002)

D. A. Wilson live reading "Land's End (Abridged)" (from Roarshock Page, Vol. 5, No. 5)

Dieselhed hidden tracks at the end of "Ice Chest"; "Hummingbirds" (Soul Sisters) and "Root Coot Coot Coot!" (from "Dieselhed" 1993)

(in the background as we fade out... Sons of Anacreon "Dickens' Cider" (from "Pull My Finger" 2002)...)

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