Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – King Rat Is Our Guest Selector

April 8, 2018
9:09 pm

King Rat decided to visit the studio today, before he and Malderor duck out to merry olde England this week. And Deathwish is back on his feet after his skateboarding accident! We accidentally play some super-famous artists, including Skid Row, Run The Jewels, and an early demo from Duran Duran. Plus some actual new and independent music! And some random equipment dropouts! Check out the podcast!

2:09pm: Safe From Harm by Dubblestandart feat. Amanda Bauman

2:10pm: Reverend Bill’s One Way Trip by GNOB

2:15pm: Lonely Night by Pretty Killer (feat. Jimmy Crucifix)

2:22pm: Old No. 7 by The Devil Makes Three

2:25pm: Bela Lugosi’s Dead by The Dead Brothers

2:26pm: 7 Devils by The Goddamned Gallows

2:34pm: This Corrosion by Lambchop

2:40pm: Radical World by Reluctant Stereotypes

2:43pm: Psychotherapy by Skid Row

2:51pm: King Rat by Guano Bats

2:53pm: A Lizard State by King Krule

2:58pm: Seasick by The Jesus Lizard

3:03pm: Hate Secretary by Conan Neutron and The Secret Friends

3:05pm: Jungle Trance by GNOB

3:11pm: Girls On Film (1979 Demo) by Duran Duran feat. Andy Wickett

3:19pm: Nobody Speak by DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels

3:24pm: Bring Tha Noize by MIA

3:26pm: Bombshell by Operation Ivy

3:34pm: Rebel Wid A Cause by UK All Starz feat. Tenor Fly

3:38pm: B-Boy Stance by The Freestylers feat. Tenor Fly

3:44pm: 16 Tons Of Pressure by O.B.F. feat. Charlie P.

3:48pm: Die On A Rope by The Distillers

3:50pm: Separation by Cloud Nothings

3:55pm: Requiem (Killing Joke Cover) by Eagulls

3:57pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire



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Malderor – A Focus On New Music

April 4, 2018
6:57 pm

Malderor found a number of exciting new releases this week, but then Deathwish was still out with his skateboarding injury. So, given the lack of a chatty sidekick, Malderor played more music than normal, and we burned through the new releases fairly rapidly. Regardless it was a solid new music show, so check out the podcast!

2:05pm: Ska On My Radio by Soul Ska

2:10pm: Henchman by The Cameramen

2:13pm: What Did You Call It That For? by Arcwelder

2:19pm: Our Goal To Realize by Amusement Parks On Fire

2:22pm: Nantucket Sleighride by Mountain

2:30pm: Keep Your Nose To Grindstone by Tyler Childers

2:35pm: Last Dream by Swedish Death Candy

2:37pm: Vindictive by Frequency Within

2:42pm: Nine Miles Below by The Third Sound

2:49pm: Trainwrecker by Scott H. Biram

2:53pm: Another Camden Afternoon by The Stranglers

2:58pm: Never Gonna Die by Pennywise

3:07pm: Stand Up Tragedy by The Fratellis

3:11pm: Death To The Lads by The Smith Street Band

3:14pm: 1000 Dreams by Dead Meadow

3:19pm: Undead by The Undead

3:25pm: Deathwish by Deathwish

3:29pm: Vengeance by New Model Army

3:32pm: Already Yours by Curve

3:40pm: Dark Love by New Candys

3:43pm: This Old Dog by Mac DeMarco

3:46pm: Not Fragile by Acid King

3:53pm: Party, Party, Party by Midnight Evils

3:55pm: Ride To Live by Zeke

4:00pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire




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Malderor – Viqueen Comes To Rock The Radio Valencia Studios!

March 18, 2018
9:24 pm

Malderor welcomes SF Bay Area based metal band Viqueen to the studio, for a set focusing on their new album release, plus influences and other shit. Hangovers are installed and serviced. Check out the podcast!

2:26pm: Graves by Viqueen

2:30pm: Rock Out by Motorhead

2:42pm: Party Animal by Viqueen

2:48pm: Ripe by Screaming Females

2:51pm: Andres by L7

2:57pm: Shutterbug by Veruca Salt

3:03pm: Little Girl Little Boy by The Atom Age

3:05pm: Everything Burns by Proudflesh

3:07pm: Shot Down In Flames by AC/DC

3:18pm: C Word by Viqueen

3:22pm: The Bones by Tweak Bird

3:24pm: Violet by Hole

3:28pm: Sing Sing Death House by The Distillers

3:38pm: Thirsty Bitches by Viqueen

3:41pm: Bridge To Hawaii by Taco Cat

3:45pm: An Island by Chevelle

3:50pm: New York by Le Butcherettes

3:58pm: Bloodless by Viqueen

3:58pm: Unholy by Viqueen

4:04pm: I’m A Man Too by Death Valley Girls

4:06pm: Follow Me by The Coathangers

4:10pm: Space Camp by Viqueen

4:14pm: Goin’ Blind by Melvins

4:19pm: Swerve City by Deftones

4:27pm: Slaughter Of The Soul by At The Gates

4:28pm: Forest For Its Trees by Viqueen

4:32pm: Get A Rope by REO Speedealer

4:34pm: Smile More by Deap Vally

4:41pm: Blood And Thunder by Mastodon


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Malderor – Lotus Thief Visits The Studio!

February 22, 2018
12:02 pm

Malderor welcomes Bay Area ‘archaic doom’ band Lotus Thief in to the studio! Lotus Thief merges post-black metal, space rock and ambient music, with lyrics based on ancient texts. Interesting stuff. Plus members of gypsy jazz band Blonde Toledo are *also* in the studio, as they share several band-members. So it’s a party! Check it out!

2:05pm: Aeternvm by The Lotus Thief

2:10pm: Watch Your Back by Blonde Toledo

2:24pm: Not Fragile by Acid King

2:28pm: Queens WIll Play by Black Mountain

2:32pm: Monterrey by Blonde Toledo

2:36pm: Manna And Quail by Caterwaul

2:49pm: return to normal schedule.

2:55pm: Electric by Boris

2:57pm: Journey To The Plains by Shels

3:10pm: Bar At The End Of The World by Blonde Toledo

3:14pm: Idisi by Lotus Thief

3:35pm: Jolene (Pitch Shifted Version) by Dolly Parton

3:58pm: Gallows Hymn by Primordial


Check out the stream here:


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Malderor – A Hard-Rocking Warm-Up For Your Pregame

February 5, 2018
11:47 am

Malderor plays two hours of guitar-based rock & roll today as you amp up for your pigskin revels. For some reason all the new music I encountered this week fell firmly in the “balls-out top-down hard-rockin'” vein, so I’m playing a bunch of stuff from bands like REO Speedealer, The Hellacopters, Electric Frankenstein, and so on. It’s not really metal, not really punk, but cleary hard-rock goodness. Tune in, if that’s your flavor, and get your blood pumping before the gladiatorial spectacles commence.

2:02pm: Knives by Therapy?

2:10pm: 10,000 Years Of Revolution by Greenleaf

2:16pm: Shell Of A Man by The Atomic Bitchwax

2:22pm: Get It On by Turbonegro

2:26pm: The Riot by Apache

2:31pm: The Evil Powers Of Rock n Roll by The Supersuckers

2:36pm: Nemesis by HP Joelcraft

2:42pm: WFO by Honky

2:46pm: Tainted Water by Troubled Horse

2:50pm: Down In The Jungle by Monster Magnet

2:58pm: Party by Midnight Evils

3:01pm: Hear Them Scream by The Atom Age

3:03pm: Don\’t Stop Now by The Hellacopters

3:06pm: Get A Rope by REO Speedealer

3:08pm: Such A Fool by The Candy Snatchers

3:11pm: Speed Girl by Electric Frankenstein

3:14pm: My Life Is Shit! by Dirtbox Disco

3:16pm: Imaginary Friend by Excuse 17

3:19pm: On The Run by Zeke

3:25pm: Hello Russia by The Golden Pelicans

3:27pm: Spontaneous by Jeru The Damaja feat OC

3:29pm: Burning A Sinner by Witchfinder General

3:33pm: Hopkins by Cathedral

3:41pm: Live Fast, Die Young by Elvis Hitler

3:44pm: R.A.M.O.N.E.S. by The Ramones

3:45pm: I Got A War by Gluecifer

3:49pm: Black-Eyed Boogie by Zen Guerilla

3:52pm: You Can Never Go Home by The Unseen

3:54pm: Faded by Junkyard

4:01pm: 27 by Flamethrower

4:05pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

4:05pm: return to normal schedule.


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Gathering Of The Tribes Live Broadcast – The Asteroid #4

February 2, 2018
9:51 am

Radio Valencia was thrilled to broadcast (almost) the entire day of The Gathering Of The Tribes II, live from Public Works in San Francisco. We were in the main room, so we recorded all the main-stage action! Here’s the live set from the The Asteroid #4! More acts to come as we mix down the recordings! Thanks to the JazzNazz for the live-recording and mix on these! Check it out!



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Malderor – A Post-Rock Afternoon With Lisa From The Jimmy Cake!

January 29, 2018
2:03 pm

This week we welcome Lisa Carey from experimental post-rock outfit The Jimmy Cake. We feature a fair number of their older, shorter, works, but check out their latest long-playing EP, Tough Love, to get an idea of what they’re up to nowadays. We also play some droney-psychey post-rock, so it’s like a theme or something! This one stretches out and gets weird. Give it a download!

2:07pm: Heading For The Void by Radar Men From The Moon

2:16pm: Death Fall Priest by The Jimmy Cake

2:20pm: Jetta’s Palace by The Jimmy Cake

2:33pm: The Opposite Of Addiction by The Jimmy Cake

2:43pm: Black Fountain by Mugstar

2:49pm: Infundipulum by Das Madman

2:58pm: This Used To Be The Future by The Jimmy Cake

3:20pm: Hits Me Like I’m Stoned by The Lucid Dream

3:24pm: The Width Of The Black by The Jimmy Cake

3:25pm: Goin’ Down by Spindrift

3:36pm: Tough Love by Lola Cola

3:40pm: Car Wash Hair (Mercury Rev Cover) by Luna

3:49pm: Thundersky by Wall Of Death

3:53pm: Kundalini Eyes by Dead Skeletons

4:05pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

4:05pm: return to normal schedule.


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Malderor – Your Standard Issue Rock & Roll Show

January 24, 2018
11:26 am

Everybody is watching football, but Malderor continues on his boring month of sober self-improvement. Deathwish is here to drink Cutty Bangs for the both of them. They play a selection of new-to-the-show rock and roll, and redecorate the new studio space a bit. Plus Bunnywhiskers drops in! And Cheap Hooch! And a brand-new show promo! Give it a download!

2:04pm: Transmissions From A Different Star by The Paperweight Array

2:06pm: I Wanna Be Adored by King Woman

2:11pm: Loops by Pretty Lightning

2:20pm: Prophecy by The Fields Of The Nephilim

2:24pm: Thirsty and Miserable by Saint Vitus

2:27pm: Sister Anne by The MC5

2:39pm: Safari Song by Greta Van Fleet

2:42pm: Silver Lining by Mt. Joy

2:46pm: One Fool Down by The Barstool Preachers

2:53pm: The Last Time by The Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra

2:56pm: A New Decade by The Verve

3:02pm: Window Of Time by Black Lizard

3:19pm: Vibrations by Dead Vibrations

3:22pm: Sorry by Lies

3:29pm: USA by Jeff Rosenstock

3:36pm: Cough/Cool by The Misfits

3:41pm: Electric Cough by 1000Mods

3:44pm: Shell Of A Man by The Atomic Bitchwax

3:46pm: Maybe I’m Crazy by The Men

3:52pm: Step Down (Vocal Fast Eddie Clarke) by Motorhead

3:56pm: My Back Pages by The Ramones

3:59pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

4:08pm: return to normal schedule.


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Malderor – First Show At The New Studio!

January 2, 2018
2:56 pm

This was our first broadcast from our brand new studio location, and (miraculously) it came off without a hitch. There is a “theme” this week, see if you can guess what it is?

2:04pm: The First Thing You Know by Lee Marvin

2:06pm: Do You Remember The First Time? by Pulp

2:10pm: Feels Like The First Time (Malderor Re-Edit) by Foreigner vs The Hitmaker

2:17pm: First Of the Last Calls by Husker Du

2:21pm: The Empire Strikes First by Bad Religion

2:23pm: First And Last And Always by The Sisters Of Mercy

2:29pm: First Rule (No Rule) by Abrasive Wheels

2:35pm: Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition

2:36pm: Sunday Morning Coming Down by Me First and The Gimme Gimmes

2:39pm: Hand In Glove (First Single) by The Smiths

2:45pm: Jurass Finish First by Jurassic 5

2:50pm: The First Of My Kind by Miles Kane

2:52pm: When I First Came To Town by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

3:02pm: Ghost Rider by Suicide from First Album

3:04pm: Start First by Skindred

3:08pm: God O.D. by Meat Beat Manifesto from Black Box, Wax Trax First Years

3:20pm: You Ain’t The First by Guns & Roses

3:22pm: Lonely Boy (First Listen) by The Black Keys

3:26pm: Brightness Falls by David Sylvian and Robert Fripp from The First Day

3:34pm: A Little Respect by Erasure from Pop! The First 20 Hits!

3:37pm: White Minority by Black Flag from The First Four Years

3:39pm: Warning by Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation

3:44pm: I’ve Been Drinking by The Jeff Beck Group

3:48pm: Cada Dia Es Domingo by Mexrrissey

3:51pm: Sexyback by Rock Plaza Central

3:58pm: You Lost The War by Cock Sparrer

4:00pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire



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Malderor – Last Show At The Old Studio, With Dial-A-Shot!

2:48 pm

Malderor has been preoccupied this week with our imminent station move, and as such didn’t spend any time preparing for this week’s radio show. So there’s like one set of new music, a couple tracks from The Green Door’s fresh-off-the-press new album, and the rest are random tracks from other old shows. But it was also the last show from our clubhouse/hangout spot on 20th and Mission, so there’s a tinge of nostalgia toward the end as well. Onward to better things! Oh, and DJ Dial-A-Shot was visiting as well!

2:07pm: Wolf In The Fold by The Green Door

2:08pm: Take It Or Leave It by Authority Zero

2:11pm: Sonotone by MC Solaar

2:27pm: Black Hoodie by Body Count

2:30pm: Antifa by Ministry

2:36pm: Guillotine by Death Grips

2:46pm: Guillotine by The Coup

2:47pm: I Got The… by Labi Siffre

2:55pm: Behind The Wall Of Sleep by The Smithereens

2:57pm: A Girl Like You by The Smithereens

3:02pm: Silver and White by Everyone Is Dirty

3:09pm: Tall Grass Is Tangled by The Green Door

3:15pm: Baby Baby by The Vibrators

3:19pm: Ugly Public by Evil Engine

3:26pm: Wild In The Streets by Garland Jeffries

3:28pm: Nobody Speak by Dj Shadow feat. Run With Jewels

3:33pm: A Fucking Xmas Miracle by Run With Jewels

3:38pm: Bleed Until You Die by Lincoln Durham

3:42pm: It’s A Fucking Disaster by Buckcherry

3:44pm: Pimps by The Coup

3:50pm: I Can’t Hold Myself In Line by The Supersuckers

3:53pm: Tom The Drum (Live) by Palma Violets

3:57pm: Entropy by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

4:02pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire



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