Malderor & Dr Junk

The Curated Catastrophe – Reflections On The Present Moment

May 31, 2020
4:45 pm

We’d had an entirely different radio show planned for today, but when it came time to start assembling the program, the world had tilted further off its axis, and we were no longer in the mood for light entertainment. Today’s show features a lot of protest music, soul, and hip-hop, and a lot of varying viewpoints. Some of it is angry, some of it is hopeful. It was cathartic to put it together. I hope you’ll give it a listen. Podcast link at the bottom.

2:08pm: Lethal Warning Shot by Paris

2:09pm: For What It’s Worth by Diesel Park West

2:09pm: My Favorite Mutiny by The Coup

2:14pm: Little Man With A Gun In His Hand by The Minutemen

2:16pm: Interview by Killer Mike

2:17pm: We Want Freedom by Dead Prez

2:25pm: Interview by Jane Elliott

2:26pm: Brown Skin Lady by Mos Def and Taleb Qwali as Blackstarr

2:34pm: Drama by Erykah Badu

2:35pm: Adan y Eva by Paoulo Londra

2:42pm: Thoughts On Looting by Trevor Noah

2:44pm: Burnin’ and Lootin’ by Bob Marley and the Wailers

2:49pm: Uncle Sam Goddamn by Brother Ali

2:52pm: Excerpt by A Conversation About Growing Up Black

2:54pm: Freedom by Jurassic 5

2:57pm: Think Freedom by Paris and Dead Prez feat. Aretha Franklin

3:04pm: Retrospect for Life by Common featuring Lauryn Hill

3:08pm: Colors (Live) by Black Pumas

3:13pm: Interview by Jane Elliott

3:15pm: Brown Skin by India Arie

3:19pm: Patience by Nas and Damian Marley

3:27pm: Heart Cry by Lauren Denise Byrd

3:31pm: Wake Up Everybody by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes feat. Teddy Pendergrass

3:38pm: Part Two from A Conversation About Growing Up Black

3:39pm: Stand Up by Harriet OST

3:44pm: Talkin’ Bout A Revolution (Live at the Ritz) by Living Colour

3:51pm: A Change Is Gonna Come by Brian Owens and Thomas Owens

3:55pm: Taste of Cindy by The Jesus and Mary Chain

3:57pm: The Parting Glass by The Face Vocal Band

4:01pm: return to normal schedule.


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The Curated Catastrophe – A “Normal” Episode

April 28, 2020
12:27 pm

This week was a more “normal” episode of The Curated Catastrophe, as neither Malderor nor Shey had much time to prepare. So there’s a mix of brand new releases, old psych 45s, and some straight-up pop music. And a whole lot of the new Fiona Apple album.

2:05pm: Radio Clash by The Clash

2:13pm: Earth Odyssey by Asaf Avidan

2:14pm: Why Are Sundays So Depressing by The Strokes

2:17pm: 2020 WTF? by JimBob

2:19pm: We Are A Rock N Roll Band by Mrs Henry

2:21pm: Go Away by The Morning Dew

2:24pm: Snakedriver by The Jesus and Mary Chain

2:33pm: Glass by Charlie Cunningham

2:36pm: Not Miserable by Frightened Rabbit

2:39pm: Welcome Back Delta by Leon Gill

2:51pm: Fetch the Boltcutters by Fiona Apple

2:54pm: Heavy Balloon by Fiona Apple

2:58pm: Relay by Fiona Apple

3:08pm: Scoff by Nirvana from Bleach

3:11pm: Bleach Boys by Dead Milkmen

3:17pm: Red Sky At Night by The Accent

3:23pm: Something to Believe In by Young the Giant

3:28pm: Blinding Lights by The Weeknd

3:32pm: Running Up that Hil by Kate Bush

3:43pm: This Is War by Skinny Lister

3:45pm: Man Without A Soul by Lucinda Williams

3:53pm: America (Live) by Prince and the Revolution


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The Curated Catastrophe – Cover Songs, and Songs You (Maybe) Didn’t Know Were Covers

April 19, 2020
5:10 pm

We tried to lighten the mood a bit here on THE Catastrophe, by doing a mostly-covers show today. But life had other plans. Still, check it out, for a set that dips in unexpected ways, featuring a lot of soul, some pop, and even some oldies, including some songs you may not have known were covers. Also features Miley Cyrus for some reason known only to Shey. Podcast link is below!

2:04pm: What A Man by Linda Lyndell

2:06pm: Superstition by Jeff Beck

2:09pm: Piece Of My Heart by Erma Franklin

2:15pm: Teardrop by Aurora

2:20pm: Black Hole Sun by Jennah Bell

2:28pm: Jolene by Miley Cyrus

2:36pm: Brand New Cadillac by Vince Taylor and His Playboys

2:37pm: There’s Always Something There To Remind Me by Lou Johnson

2:39pm: I Love Rock and Roll by The Arrows

2:43pm: Hanging On The Telephone by The Nerves

2:49pm: Changes by Charles Bradley

2:56pm: Hurt by Johnny Cash

3:01pm: Doin’ Time by Lana Del Rey

3:06pm: Masters Of War by New Model Army

3:13pm: All My Love by Sonny West

3:16pm: Don’t Cha by Tori Alamaze

3:19pm: Ring Of Fire by Anita Carter

3:21pm: Torn by Ednaswap

3:25pm: Money Changes Everything by The Brains

3:30pm: Waymore’s Blues by Whitey Morgan

3:38pm: Who Is He and What Is He To You? by Meshell Ndegeocello

3:43pm: I Can’t Write Left Handed by John Legend and The Roots

3:53pm: Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City by Black Pumas


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Malderor – The “Sad Songs” Episode

April 12, 2020
5:31 pm

Today’s show was always going to be a bit odd. Shey and Malderor are still doing the remote ‘exquisite corpse’ thing, passing off files over the week to react to. Shey picked a theme about embracing one’s sadness about the state of the world, and overcoming it. So there are some sad, sad songs in the mix this week, but also some happier songs to help you recover. Features new music from Beans on Toast, Bobby Conn, and Black Grape, and also dips into the Blues at points. Malderor plays some of the saddest songs he knows, and Shey plays Lorde. Give it a listen! It’ll cheer you up…eventually.

2:07pm: Resume by Dorothy Parker

2:07pm: Sad Song by Arthur Lee

2:07pm: You Can Save Up To 50% But You’re Still A Long Ways From Home by Arthur Lee

2:08pm: Drinking In The Day by Elise LeGrow

2:09pm: Getting Better by Ron Funches

2:10pm: Touch the Sky by Black Pumas

2:18pm: Strange Days by Beans On Toast

2:22pm: Disaster by Bobby Conn

2:25pm: I Shall Be Released by Nina Simone

2:35pm: Darkness by Leonard Cohen

2:40pm: Land of Confusion by Genesis

2:44pm: I’m Getting Better (And I’m Feeling It Right Now) by The Record Company

2:50pm: If It Be Your Will (Live) by Antony Hegarty

2:54pm: Sorrow by Bad Religion

2:58pm: The Harm Principle by John Stuart Mill

3:00pm: Everything You Know Is Wrong by Black Grape

3:08pm: Bravado by Lorde

3:13pm: The Good Old Days by The Libertines

3:16pm: Down the Drain by Ken Nordine

3:18pm: Bang Bang by Asaf Avidan

3:25pm: Bury My Heart by The Waterboys

3:32pm: On Brexit by Bruce Robinson

3:34pm: A Speech by Some Old Bitty

3:35pm: The Parting Glass (Live) by Hozier

3:37pm: Freedom vs Security by Thomas Hobbes

3:39pm: We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn

3:46pm: He Stopped Loving Her Today by George Jones

3:48pm: On Depression by Robin Williams

3:51pm: Dark Was The Night (Cold Was The Ground) by Blind Willie Johnson

3:55pm: Atheists Don’t Have No Songs by Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers

3:57pm: God Been Good To Me by The Mighty Walker Brothers

4:00pm: return to normal schedule.


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Malderor – New Music for “The New Normal.”

March 23, 2020
1:37 pm

Sunday’s show was a bit less melancholy and more upbeat than last week’s program, and features a shedload of new releases. (It’s funny how one has more time to find new music when on home quarantine.) But, as promised, we heard from Emily Zuzik Music Vortex, Jason A Estupinian, The Slow Readers Club, Danzig, plus some Indonesian ska, and some novelty songs about the apocalypse! Whip yourself up a Ramos Fizz and give it a listen.


2:01pm: A Message From Our Sponsor by Jello Biafra

2:04pm: Crawlout Through The Fallout by Sheldon Altman

2:06pm: Snelsmore Wood by New Model Army

2:11pm: Gonna Get Better by Buzzcocks

2:17pm: Harlem River by Kevin Morby

2:25pm: Harlem River Blues by Justin Townes Earle

2:34pm: Long Live The Queen by Frank Turner

2:38pm: The Irish Rover by The Dropkick Murphys

2:40pm: Outside The Box by Estu

2:51pm: Trouble (Elvis Presley Cover) by Danzig

2:53pm: Trouble by Emily Zuzik

2:58pm: Rumble (Live) by Link Wray

3:06pm: Talk About The Weather by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

3:08pm: The Coward Of The County by Kenny Rogers

3:12pm: I Saw A Ghost by The Slow Readers Club

3:22pm: Bersamamu by Souljah

3:25pm: Suffer (Bad Religion Cover) by Tegan and Sara

3:28pm: Sugar by James Wavey (Alleyes Manifest) feat.Kerry Shewmaker

3:34pm: The Low Hum by Moby feat. Emily Zuzik

3:38pm: Everybody Knows Shits Fucked by Stephen Paul Taylor

3:41pm: Wish by Still Corners

3:51pm: One Week of Covid 19 by Dani Awesome

3:54pm: This Is Permanent by Airiel

3:57pm: R&R by New Model Army

4:00pm: Antifa Dub by C.O.F.


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Malderor – The Jank and Middle Class Murder!

June 3, 2019
1:22 pm

Today’s episode featured not one but two local bands, The Jank and Middle Class Murder. They stopped by the studio to promote their upcoming joint show on June 15th, at the El Rio! We play generous portions of both bands’ catalogs, so check out the podcast and go out and support live music!

2:04pm: A Little Bit Of Love Can Do by Jeff Bridges

2:08pm: Blowing Myself Away by The Jank

2:09pm: Start by Middle Class Murder

2:23pm: Titties and Beer by The Jank

2:26pm: Pound For Pound by The Aggrolites

2:39pm: Walkie Talkie by Middle Class Murder

2:43pm: Walk Through Walls by The Atom Age

2:44pm: Little Things by Westerly

2:48pm: Devil In Tow by Middle Class Murder

2:57pm: Good Friends Won’t Rip You Off by The Wind Whistles

3:01pm: Marbles by The Spiral Electric

3:07pm: My Only Hope For Heaven by The Jank

3:15pm: Sad Irony by The Jank

3:19pm: Stop In The Name Of This Song by Middle Class Murder

3:23pm: Rock (In) Space by The Jank

3:24pm: Dog In A Fight by Middle Class Murder

3:25pm: Giving Up by Middle Class Murder

3:32pm: No News by The Jank

3:41pm: Drank by The Jank

3:43pm: Think by Middle Class Murder

3:44pm: Dog In A Fight by Middle Class Murder

3:48pm: No News by The Jank

3:52pm: Day Of The Dead by The Jank

3:59pm: Rollercoaster by The Jesus and Mary Chain


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Malderor – Wherein We Largely Ignore Carnaval

May 26, 2019
8:52 pm

Deathwish was out last week, so he and Malderor had a lot of catching up to do. But we found time to feature new music from The Waterboys(?), CarnyMusic, Jimmy Dias, and a pile of new Fuzz Club releases. Give it a listen!

2:03pm: Rule The Nation by U-Roy

2:12pm: Ladbroke Grove Symphony by The Waterboys

2:16pm: Addiction by Jimmy Dias

2:17pm: Beautician Blues by B.B. King

2:33pm: Upstanding Citizen by Evil Engine

2:36pm: Colossus by Idles

2:41pm: Boys In The Better Land (Darklands Version) by Fontaines D.C.

3:02pm: Where The Action Is by The Waterboys

3:06pm: Back To Houston by The Green Door

3:10pm: Start Another Week by CarnyMusic

3:15pm: Good Old Days by Jimmy Dias

3:32pm: Seven Sisters by Cosmonauts

3:35pm: Salvation Rain (Live Fuzz Club Session) by You Said Strange

3:43pm: God Is A Rover by JuJu

3:50pm: Downfall by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:52pm: Dracula Drug by Frankie and the Witch Fingers


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Malderor – Radio Grab-Bag!

February 26, 2019
2:31 pm

This was one of those shows where Malderor had zero time to prepare, so he just dipped into his bag of tracks that were overlooked from previous weeks, or maybe only got spun once. Plus Deathwish had a few additions. This episode ended up going in kind of a funky and fun direction, partially because Malderor discovered some Happy Mondays spinoff bands. Check it out:

2:08pm: Peepshow by Dirt Box Disco

2:14pm: Itchycoo Park by The Small Faces

2:11pm: Outlaw by Chron Gen

2:24pm: King Of The Sky by The Hippy Mafia

2:25pm: In The Name Of The Father by Black Grape

2:30pm: Cigarettes and Alcohol (Remix) by The Hippy Mafia

2:37pm: Das Booty by Planet Booty

2:42pm: Running Away by Roy Ayers

2:45pm: Yes We Can Pt 1 by Lee Dorsey

3:00pm: Sure Shot by The Beastie Boys

3:03pm: Love Song (Live) by The Damned

3:05pm: Drunk At The Controls by Brasil

3:14pm: Radio Gaga by Electric Six

3:17pm: London Calling (Live) by Corey Taylor

3:19pm: Rock Bottom, Population 1 by Robbie Fulks

3:27pm: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 by The Transplants

3:36pm: You Can’t Stop Rock And Roll by Twisted Sister

3:41pm: Devilswine by 1968

3:50pm: Whiskey by The Prairie Willows

3:57pm: I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man by The People’s Whiskey

3:59pm: Lullabye by Vagabondage


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Gathering Of The Tribes – Lee Gallagher And The Hallelujah!

February 12, 2019
6:07 pm

We just released another live recording from the last Gathering Of The Tribes Festival, put together by Pow Presents and The San Francisco Great Society. This great live set was from Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah, and can be streamed here:


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Malderor – New Music and MikO Tolliver

3:34 pm

This week’s show featured a ton of local music, mostly from the punk, metal, and harder end of the spectrum, plus a studio visit from electro-indie artist MikO Tolliver! We also had new releases from The Spiral Electric​, 1968, War Bison​, and Older Sun​. Plus a brand new protest song from The Specials (Official)​! Check out the podcast or stream!

2:03pm: Black Sheets Of Rain by Bob Mould

2:11pm: On & On by Film School

2:16pm: Purr (Taste It Then Repeat) by MikO Tolliver

2:30pm: Staring Down The Barrel by The Spiral Electric

2:32pm: The Only One by The Seeing Eye Gods (feat. Brett Gurewitz)

2:35pm: Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy by 24/7 Spyz

2:43pm: False Gods by War Bison

2:46pm: Pocket Full Of Ones by Older Sun

2:51pm: 200 Deer, One Rabbit by Alvie and The Breakfast Pigs

3:00pm: Everything I Do Is So Amazing by MikO Tolliver

3:03pm: Give Up by Les Butcherettes

3:08pm: 10 Commandments by The Specials feat. Saffiyah Khan

3:15pm: Lonely For The Night by The Beach Rats

3:18pm: Rules, Hearts by Daredevils

3:20pm: Kings by Charger

3:29pm: Get Out Of Our Way by The Old Firm Casuals

3:31pm: New Day by Disastroid

3:34pm: World Stands Still by Puppy

3:41pm: Rock and Roll by Edan feat Dagha

3:43pm: Heaters & Fans by MikO Tolliver

3:47pm: Bar Staff by Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls

3:51pm: My Shit’s Fucked Up by Warren Zevon

3:54pm: Sorrow by Mad Caddies

3:37pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire


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