Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor- Training Newbies, Drinking Cuttys, Punching Nazis

January 30, 2017
5:01 pm

Last week’s show was typically wide-ranging, covering everything from local psych acts like Spiral Electric and Peacers, through to local hip-hop from the Stunna Boys.  Plus the occasional protest song, and some punk rock 45s.  Malderor was training the new folks from the Sheesh Radio show, Deathwish was onhand to sample a new flavor of Cutty Bang, and then for some reason we got into the morality of punching Nazis.  Freeform radio at its finest.

2:04pm: Street Fighting Man by The Rolling Stones

2:05pm: Gimme Some Truth by David J

2:09pm: Call To Arms (Live) by Sturgill Simpson

2:15pm: Where Were You? by The Mekons

2:18pm: Fade Away by New Age Steppers

2:32pm: Gas Break Dip by Stunna Boys

2:35pm: Hanging Tree by Bob Mould

2:42pm: Police On My Back by The Clash

2:51pm: Three Kilos by The Prodigy

2:58pm: White Trash Heroes by Archers of Loaf

3:09pm: Live For Love by The Spiral Electric

3:16pm: There’s Nothing Like Revenge For Getting Back At People by Hot Lunch

3:21pm: Running In The Rain by New Model Army

3:26pm: Party In The Sky by The Outta Sorts

3:28pm: Lost In America by The Downtown Struts

3:31pm: Never Surrender by Blitz

3:40pm: Blume by Peacers

3:43pm: Don’t Fuck With Me by The Erections

3:48pm: Amputation by The Jesus & Mary Chain

3:49pm: Ape Man by The Kinks

3:56pm: This Is What I Want by This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb

3:58pm: My Dark Places by Stiff Litle Fingers

4:00pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

4:00pm: return to normal schedule.



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Malderor- Fundraising for Annie S, Plus More Cutty Bangs

January 18, 2017
5:47 pm

In the first hour of today’s show we feature a bunch of bands that are playing Thursday at the Bottom of the Hill, for a fundraiser to help offset the costs of Annie Southworth’s cancer treatments. Annie is a beloved local pillar of the music scene, and folks are turning out to help her with her (insane) medical bills, which are going to get much worse now given the gutting of the ACA and her obvious “pre-existing condition.” But there are some great bands playing; The Dodos, Peacer, and Sarah Bethe Nelson. In the second hour we get into some tracks from the soon-to-be-released soundtrack to Trainspotting 2. And I bought Deathwish another Cutty Bang, so download the podcast to hear how that turns out!  (Oh, and almost all of Cheap Hooch turned up early to try to derail my show with their over-the-top partying!  It’s a wild-one!)

2:03pm: Whizz Kid by Mott The Hoople

2:11pm: Laze It by Peacers

2:11pm: Competition by The Dodos

2:12pm: Hazy by Sarah Bethe Nelson

2:16pm: Drinkin’ Buddy by The Webbers

2:20pm: Time To Switch To Whiskey by Corb Lund

2:31pm: R.J.D. (Salam) by Peacers

2:33pm: Confidence by The Dodos

2:38pm: Uneasy by Sarah Bethe Nelson

2:41pm: Strange Changes feat. Still Life (Bowie Cover) by Bird Of Paradise (fragmented, sorry)

2:50pm: Welcome To Hell by Crocodiles

2:52pm: Goofy’s Concern by The Butthole Surfers

2:55pm: The Way by Buzzcocks

3:02pm: Valentine’s Day by The Webbers

3:04pm: Country Song by Bill Burnham

3:11pm: Lincoln’s Funeral Train by Greg Graffin (Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week)

3:16pm: The Third Sound by The Third Sound

3:19pm: Internal World by Cloud Nothings

3:24pm: All Your Little Lies by Dead Rabbits

3:27pm: For A While by The Third Sound

3:36pm: Get Up by Young Fathers

3:41pm: Dad’s Best Friend by The Rubberbandits

3:43pm: Whitest Boy On The Beach by Fat White Family

3:49pm: German Cigarillo Ad by Germany

3:53pm: You, In Weird Cities by Jeff Rosenstock

3:56pm: Off-Duty Sailor by The Dicks

3:59pm: Antifa Dub by Cop on Fire


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Malderor – Psych Rock and Cutty Bangs!

January 11, 2017
12:27 pm

Today was the beginning of Rainpocalypse 2017 or something, and it was pouring down buckets as Malderor made his way to the station. He prepared a slate of mopey, droney, shoegaze-y psych-rock, and he’s joined in the studio by DJ Deathwish, who is slightly worse-for-wear.  Malderor stopped and bought Deathwish a “Cutty Bang” from a nearby ghetto liquor store, and a radio show ensues.  (In the last hour we get away from the psych a bit, and play a bunch of goofy covers. Stay tuned for that!)

2:02pm: Telepathic Lover by Crocodiles

2:04pm: Journey To The Center Of The Mind by The Ramones

2:09pm: Martian Arts by Singapore Sling

2:14pm: Funeral Rites by The Vacant Lots (feat. Anton Newcombe)

2:21pm: Mister You’re A Better Man Than I by The Sons Of Adam

2:26pm: Watcher Talk by Jack Name

2:38pm: Black Mountain by Dream Weapon

2:39pm: Wax by Publique

2:43pm: Dying Alive by Singapore Sling

2:53pm: Who Cares Right Now? by The Virgin Tongues

2:59pm: Bless by Electric Eye

3:03pm: Ego Death by A Place To Bury Strangers

3:12pm: Uranus by Jessica 93

3:16pm: Life Is Killing My Rock And Roll by Singapore Sling

3:19pm: Killing The Light by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

3:22pm: Do Re Mi by Woody Guthrie

3:33pm: Follow Light by The Gentle Cycle

3:36pm: Sorcery by Higamos Hogamos

3:45pm: Cathode Ray by Screen Vinyl Image

3:53pm: Bring On The Dancing Horses (Echo & The Bunnymen Cover) by The Electric Lazarus

3:57pm: Electric Landlady by Purson

4:05pm: Morphose by Nighworkers

4:17pm: I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Prince Cover) by The People’s Whiskey

4:19pm: Nausea by Jeff Rosenstock

4:23pm: The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Prince Cover) by The Mustang Ranch Hands

4:26pm: Jungle Love (Morris Day & The Time Cover) by Franks & Deans

4:38pm: Astro Zombies (Misfits Cover) by The Valkyrians

4:39pm: Disorder (Joy Division Cover) by The Valkyrians

4:46pm: Let Me Down Gently by Spacemen 3



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Malderor – New Year’s Day! Wonky Technology and Gospel Undertones!

January 4, 2017
12:37 pm

A whole bunch of folks asked me if I was doing my show on New Year’s Day. Of course I was. If I’m going to be hungover and moping around playing records, I may as well be doing it live on the internet radio waves. I didn’t have much planned, aside from playing a bunch of tracks off recent vinyl purchases. Deathwish and CW and 5/7ths of Cheap Hooch dropped in. I played new-and-old tracks from Prince, Singers & Players, Junkyard, Mott the Hoople, and went off in a random gospel direction! Check out the stream below!

2:06pm: African Blood by Singers & Players

2:09pm: Angel Of Fire (Demo) by Temple Of The Dog

2:15pm: Dontcha Lie To Me Baby by Scott H. Biram

2:27pm: Faded by Junkyard

2:29pm: I Can Feel by Mott The Hoople

2:37pm: No One Takes Your Freedom by DJ Earworm

2:48pm: Nausea by Jeff Rosenstock

2:53pm: Roaming Through The Gates Of Hell by Mischief Brew

2:55pm: The Sign by The Mountain Goats

2:58pm: The Southern Cross by Crosby Stills Nash and (maybe) Young

3:08pm: FunknRoll by Prince and 3rdEyeGirl

3:18pm: I Don’t Know Where We’re Headed by The Sons Of Truth

3:29pm: Run On For A Long Time by The Blind Boys Of Alabama

3:30pm: Way Down In A Hole (Live) by Tom Waits

3:35pm: Equal Rights by Peter Tosh

3:41pm: Woke Up This Morning by Alabama 3

3:49pm: Thirty Again by Merle Haggard

3:55pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire


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Malderor – Chaos In The Control Room!

December 22, 2016
12:48 pm

Dr. Junk was in town from the Dominican Republic, but he was “too sick” to do radio. But Bartender Mike from the Gas Head visits again, as does Deathwish, and Malderor is training some new DJs and it’s just all a big ol’ party.  It trended a bit “Americana” today, for some reason.

2:12pm: All You Fascists by Billy Bragg and Wilco

2:13pm: This Year by The Mountain Goats

2:16pm: Long Old Time by Scott H. Biram

2:26pm: ISUA by Plague Vendor

2:30pm: Done By The Forces Of Nature by Jungle Brothers

2:32pm: Ticks & Leeches by Tool

2:44pm: Out With The Crow by Haunted Windchimes

2:47pm: Late July by Shaky Graves

2:52pm: Your Heart Is A Muscle The Size Of Your Fist by Ramshackle Glory

3:06pm: Creeper by Lincoln Durham

3:09pm: Trouble Of The World by Dex Romweber

3:13pm: My Mephiostostophelean Creed by The Hellacopters

3:34pm: Eye On You by Sugar Candy Mountain

3:37pm: Wild Flowers by Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes

3:43pm: Real Cocaine Blues by Scott H. Biram

3:46pm: Telepathic Lover by Crocodiles

3:50pm: Whisky by Scott H. Biram

4:00pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire



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Malderor – Trying To Make Sense Of The World with Richard ESB

December 13, 2016
12:42 pm

Richard ESB was back on the show, and we were both depressed about the state of the world and the Oakland fire, but we tried to put on an upbeat show.  (We may or may not have succeeded there.)  Cheap Hooch was out this week, so we ran a little overtime, perhaps getting less upbeat as we went along.  Enjoy!

2:04pm: Everything Sucks! by The Descendants

2:05pm: The Shape I’m In (Live) by The Band

2:08pm: Fish Below The Ice (Peel Sessions Version) by Shriekback

2:12pm: You Make Me Wanna Die by The Shivas

2:15pm: Maximum Penetration by Crocodiles

2:19pm: 2016 by Beans on Toast

2:27pm: PBR (Pretentious Bearded Radical) by The Royal Panics

2:29pm: Lithium by Little Roy

2:34pm: Lucretia My Reflection (Sisters of Mercy Cover) by Mark Morriss

2:43pm: Mixed Singles by The Night Cafe

2:47pm: Promised You A Miracle (acoustic) by Simple Minds with KT Tunstall

2:50pm: Hell to Pay at the Gates of Heaven by Peter Doherty

2:56pm: Rant by Jonathan Pie

3:01pm: Six Years On Dope by NoFX

3:03pm: The Signal And The Noise by Asian Dub Foundation

3:08pm: (Do the) Fuck Yourself by Nobunny

3:09pm: Corpse on a Roof by The Blind Shake

3:12pm: Your Phone’s Off The Hook, But You’re Not by X

3:17pm: Spritiwalker (Live) by The Cult

3:20pm: Lethal Warning Shot by Paris

3:24pm: From Mecca To Mescalito by Los Plantronics

3:30pm: Fire by Justice

3:34pm: Black Rain by The Pattern Forms

3:38pm: Swedish Guns by The Radio Dept.

3:48pm: Holy Shit by Father John Misty

3:52pm: Live Forever by The Highwaymen

3:55pm: Live Forever by Oasis

4:02pm: Ace of Spades by Ugly Kid Joe with Phil Campbell

4:03pm: Souvenir Shop Rock by Savoy Motel

4:07pm: Wild Flowers by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

4:20pm: Times Of Trouble by Temple Of The Dog

4:21pm: Used To Be by Terry Malts

4:23pm: GMF by John Grant


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Malderor – Deathwish And Double-Shots!

1:47 am

Deathwish was back in studio after a multi-week bender, and Malderor is still coming to terms with this new reality we live in.  Sort of inadvertently we ended up doing a bunch of “double-shots,” or back-to-back songs by the same artist.  (Well, the first one was an accident, and then we just rolled with it.)  Malderor also gripes a lot about leaving his credit card in Alameda, and leaves a hot mic on in the studio for accidental background noise during a world premiere of a new Marc Kate song.  Professionalism at its finest.

2:02pm: Coming In Hot by Peter Tosh

2:08pm: 1848 Now! by The Mekons

2:10pm: Drown In You by No Sun

2:15pm: Winter In America by Gil-Scott Heron

2:22pm: Different Strokes by Syl Johnson

2:24pm: Creepin’ by Moon Duo

2:29pm: Cold Fear by Moon Duo

2:36pm: Make Me Wanna Die by White Reaper

2:38pm: Pills by White Reaper

2:42pm: Winter In California by Emily Zuzik wth Geoff Pearlman

2:49pm: Amputation by The Jesus and Mary Chain

2:53pm: Friends With Penalties by The Rinds

2:54pm: Kick It In by The Rinds

3:04pm: “They” by Marc Kate from Nihil (with accidental live-mic accompaniment from Deathwish)

3:08pm: Spray and Pray (New Album Outtake) by Shriekback

3:11pm: Gates Of Broadway by Tess Parks

3:19pm: Party Time by The Mattoid

3:21pm: Burn and Rob by The Mattoid

3:26pm: Dirty Blvd by Lou Reed

3:37pm: Olympia, WA by The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

3:40pm: Live Forever by The Highwaymen

3:43pm: A Butcher’s Banquet by The Old Firm Casuals

3:46pm: Abandon Ship by The Seaside Rebels

3:54pm: Kill You Television by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin

3:55pm: A Pretty Face Can Only Get You So Far by The Electric Lazarus
3:59pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire



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Malderor – Timeshifting with Gatsby and Momderor

November 28, 2016
12:47 pm

img_0487Malderor had a random day off due to the Thanksgiving holiday, so he went into the studio to lay down a pre-recorded episode to air over the holiday weekend. Gatsby Fassbinder came by to hang out, and Malderor’s mom dropped in as well.  There is a bit of a political subtext to a few of the show’s elements.  You can play along at home to decipher their meaning.  Check out the podcast, or the stream below!

2:02pm: Lethal Warning Shot by Paris

2:09pm: Downpressor Man by Peter Tosh

2:16pm: Call Me A Dog by Temple Of The Dog

2:25pm: Jump Into The Fire by Harry Nilsson

2:32pm: I’m A Mover by Free

2:35pm: Devour by Dooms Virginia

2:40pm: Fucked Up by The Lemonheads

2:40pm: Sunday Mourning (Live) by Night Beats

2:46pm: In The Ghetto by Nick Cave

2:50pm: Quicksand by Temple Of The Dog

3:03pm: Bad Catholics by The Menzingers

3:05pm: Old Friend (Rancid Cover) by Big D and The Kid’s Table

3:09pm: No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA by MDC

3:15pm: Chip by Sugar Shack

3:18pm: I Lost My Mind by Flesh Panthers

3:20pm: Talk To You by The Count Bishops

3:26pm: It’s True by The Spivs

3:28pm: Blood by Dropkick Murphys

3:32pm: Ninety-Nine-And-A-Half (Won’t Do) by Wilson Pickett

3:39pm: What Have You Done For Me Lately by Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings

3:42pm: Bad News Perfume by Barrence Whitfield and The Savages

3:45pm: Soul Brothers Testify, Part 1 by Chester Randle’s Soul Senders

3:50pm: Welcome To The North by The Music

3:55pm: Stranger Than Fiction (Live) by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:57pm: Times Of Trouble by Temple Of The Dog (Partial)

4:03pm: return to normal schedule.



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Malderor – 80s & 90s Nostalgia with Live 105’s Steve Masters

November 16, 2016
11:17 am

martingore4x3-02Malderor welcomed former Live 105 Music Director Steve Masters to the program, to play some old-school 80s and 90s jams, from before there was a word like “Alternative.” Lots of songs you might have forgotten about in this episode, so give it a download!

2:04pm: Teenage Angst by Cracker

2:06pm: Your Woman by White Town

2:10pm: Underwhelmed by Sloan

2:22pm: The Bog (Radio Mix) by BiGod 20

2:27pm: What Difference Does It Make? by The Smiths

2:33pm: Lover Come Back To Me (Extended Mix) by Dead or Alive

2:37pm: In The Meantime by Spacehog

2:42pm: Believe by Dig

2:46pm: I Try by Macy Gray

2:54pm: Das Model by Kraftwerk

2:57pm: Hands Off…She’s Mine! by The Beat

3:02pm: Humatic by League of Gentlemen

3:10pm: Not Sleeping Around by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin

3:14pm: Dream All Day by The Posies

3:17pm: Nothing’s Gonna Stop by The Folk Implosion

3:26pm: Sex Dwarf by Soft Cell

3:30pm: World Destruction by Timezone

3:36pm: Headhunter V1.0 by Front 242

3:45pm: New Generation by Suede

3:49pm: Disco 2000 by Pulp

3:54pm: There’s No Other Way by Blur

3:59pm: American Soviets by C.C.C.P.

4:01pm: return to normal schedule.


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Malderor – Deep and Dubby, Part II

November 8, 2016
12:45 pm

coxsone-dodd-soundsystem111Malderor’s friend Mitch came up from Hillsborough with a big stack of original-press dub-reggae under his arm. Malderor and Mitch decided to ignore the fraught national political scene more or less completely, and relax with a full set of dub and roots.  Malderor does play a couple ragga-jungle tracks, and some “ambient blues dub”, but it’s not until the final minute that they return to the topic of the election.  Check it out.  And turn up the bass cabinets.

2:05pm: Declaration of Rights by The Abyssinians

2:06pm: Dub Larking by Horace Andy

2:09pm: Do The Raggae by Coxsone Dodd

2:16pm: Burial Version by Peter Tosh

2:19pm: The A The Hardest Version by King Tubby and the Aggrovators

2:29pm: Dub Conference in London by The Simeons

2:35pm: Bradsta Dub by Macka Dub

2:36pm: Cloak A Dagger by The Upsetters

2:42pm: Small Axe Version by The Upsetters

2:47pm: Keep On Moving by The Upsetters and the Wailers

2:48pm: Thank You Lord Dub by Leslie Kong

2:54pm: The Big Ripoff by Augustus Pablo

2:59pm: The Wolf That House Built by Little Axe

3:04pm: Tribulation Version by Niney The Observer

3:12pm: Change My Version by Alton Ellis and the Sound Dimension

3:15pm: Heavy Jack by Herman Chin Loy from Aquarius Dub

3:17pm: Oh Carolina by The Folks Brothers

3:25pm: King Haile Selassie by Rebel MC

3:28pm: Jungle Flow by Congo Natty

3:33pm: The Way It Is by Augustus Pablo

3:39pm: Pick-A-Dub by Keith Hudson

3:41pm: Riot by Keith Hudson

3:46pm: Dub Of The Seventies by Keith Hudson

3:52pm: Jah Rastafari by The Simeons from Dub Conference In London

3:56pm: Dr. Who? by Dr. Pablo and The Dub Syndicate from On-U Sound 10\” Disco Plate

3:39pm: Fucked Up Donald by D.O.A.



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