Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – Tragedy, Training Sessions, and Tripping Balls

Tuesday, November 17

500x500Given the fucked-up events in the world, Malderor was in no mood to pick out songs for his radio show. Solution: He stopped at Aquarius Records’ 45th(!) anniversary party on the way to the studio and bought a bunch of new records.  We’re also still training new DJ Manny this week, and DJ Deathwish showed up flying on acid.  So it was your usual Curated Catastrophe.

2:08pm: I Want You So Hard by The Eagles of Death Metal

2:09pm: All The Critics Love You In New York by Prince

2:09pm: Get Me Out by New Model Army

2:16pm: City by Spring City

2:19pm: It’s Automatic by The Enemy

2:28pm: Isabella by El Radio Fantastique

2:30pm: Freeze Frame by Less Than Jake

2:33pm: Go! by Public Service Broadcasting

2:37pm: Time Collapse Part II, The Seventh Terror by Fuzz

2:48pm: It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue by The Chocolate Watch Band

2:52pm: Done Gone There by The Spit Brothers

2:56pm: It’s A Sin by Paul Anka

3:01pm: My Lovely Horse by Father Ted

3:05pm: The Autobahn by Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto

3:12pm: Rise Above (Live, 1981) by Black Flag

3:16pm: You Are The Government by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:19pm: Interview with Brett Anderson by Suede

3:23pm: Outsiders by Suede

3:27pm: No Face by The Suicide Machines

3:28pm: II by Fuzz

3:35pm: War On Freedom by Killing Joke

3:41pm: Fazer by Quicksand

3:53pm: When Jokers Attack by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

3:56pm: Worried Man by Devo



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