Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – Wherein We Largely Ignore Carnaval

May 26, 2019
8:52 pm

Deathwish was out last week, so he and Malderor had a lot of catching up to do. But we found time to feature new music from The Waterboys(?), CarnyMusic, Jimmy Dias, and a pile of new Fuzz Club releases. Give it a listen!

2:03pm: Rule The Nation by U-Roy

2:12pm: Ladbroke Grove Symphony by The Waterboys

2:16pm: Addiction by Jimmy Dias

2:17pm: Beautician Blues by B.B. King

2:33pm: Upstanding Citizen by Evil Engine

2:36pm: Colossus by Idles

2:41pm: Boys In The Better Land (Darklands Version) by Fontaines D.C.

3:02pm: Where The Action Is by The Waterboys

3:06pm: Back To Houston by The Green Door

3:10pm: Start Another Week by CarnyMusic

3:15pm: Good Old Days by Jimmy Dias

3:32pm: Seven Sisters by Cosmonauts

3:35pm: Salvation Rain (Live Fuzz Club Session) by You Said Strange

3:43pm: God Is A Rover by JuJu

3:50pm: Downfall by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:52pm: Dracula Drug by Frankie and the Witch Fingers


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Malderor – Radio Grab-Bag!

February 26, 2019
2:31 pm

This was one of those shows where Malderor had zero time to prepare, so he just dipped into his bag of tracks that were overlooked from previous weeks, or maybe only got spun once. Plus Deathwish had a few additions. This episode ended up going in kind of a funky and fun direction, partially because Malderor discovered some Happy Mondays spinoff bands. Check it out:

2:08pm: Peepshow by Dirt Box Disco

2:14pm: Itchycoo Park by The Small Faces

2:11pm: Outlaw by Chron Gen

2:24pm: King Of The Sky by The Hippy Mafia

2:25pm: In The Name Of The Father by Black Grape

2:30pm: Cigarettes and Alcohol (Remix) by The Hippy Mafia

2:37pm: Das Booty by Planet Booty

2:42pm: Running Away by Roy Ayers

2:45pm: Yes We Can Pt 1 by Lee Dorsey

3:00pm: Sure Shot by The Beastie Boys

3:03pm: Love Song (Live) by The Damned

3:05pm: Drunk At The Controls by Brasil

3:14pm: Radio Gaga by Electric Six

3:17pm: London Calling (Live) by Corey Taylor

3:19pm: Rock Bottom, Population 1 by Robbie Fulks

3:27pm: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 by The Transplants

3:36pm: You Can’t Stop Rock And Roll by Twisted Sister

3:41pm: Devilswine by 1968

3:50pm: Whiskey by The Prairie Willows

3:57pm: I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man by The People’s Whiskey

3:59pm: Lullabye by Vagabondage


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Gathering Of The Tribes – Lee Gallagher And The Hallelujah!

February 12, 2019
6:07 pm

We just released another live recording from the last Gathering Of The Tribes Festival, put together by Pow Presents and The San Francisco Great Society. This great live set was from Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah, and can be streamed here:


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Malderor – New Music and MikO Tolliver

3:34 pm

This week’s show featured a ton of local music, mostly from the punk, metal, and harder end of the spectrum, plus a studio visit from electro-indie artist MikO Tolliver! We also had new releases from The Spiral Electric​, 1968, War Bison​, and Older Sun​. Plus a brand new protest song from The Specials (Official)​! Check out the podcast or stream!

2:03pm: Black Sheets Of Rain by Bob Mould

2:11pm: On & On by Film School

2:16pm: Purr (Taste It Then Repeat) by MikO Tolliver

2:30pm: Staring Down The Barrel by The Spiral Electric

2:32pm: The Only One by The Seeing Eye Gods (feat. Brett Gurewitz)

2:35pm: Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy by 24/7 Spyz

2:43pm: False Gods by War Bison

2:46pm: Pocket Full Of Ones by Older Sun

2:51pm: 200 Deer, One Rabbit by Alvie and The Breakfast Pigs

3:00pm: Everything I Do Is So Amazing by MikO Tolliver

3:03pm: Give Up by Les Butcherettes

3:08pm: 10 Commandments by The Specials feat. Saffiyah Khan

3:15pm: Lonely For The Night by The Beach Rats

3:18pm: Rules, Hearts by Daredevils

3:20pm: Kings by Charger

3:29pm: Get Out Of Our Way by The Old Firm Casuals

3:31pm: New Day by Disastroid

3:34pm: World Stands Still by Puppy

3:41pm: Rock and Roll by Edan feat Dagha

3:43pm: Heaters & Fans by MikO Tolliver

3:47pm: Bar Staff by Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls

3:51pm: My Shit’s Fucked Up by Warren Zevon

3:54pm: Sorrow by Mad Caddies

3:37pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire


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Malderor – Kicking Off A New Year, With Guests ESBeats!

January 6, 2019
5:08 pm

Malderor welcomed Richard ESB and DJ Q-Nut into the studio, to help get them trained up to start their own show on Radio Valencia, which will be coming soon on Saturday afternoons! Check out the podcast or stream the show below!

2:00pm: T.Rex Megamix (Outro Track from The Stranded Playlist)

2:10pm: This, That, & The Other by Joshua Cook & The Key of Now

2:13pm: Her Cold Cold Heart by Night Beats

2:17pm: I Look Alone by Buzzcocks

2:28pm: Shelter by Broken Bells

2:28pm: Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan

2:30pm: Hello Happiness by Chaka Khan

2:40pm: Last Call by Travels By Night

2:46pm: Propaganda by Warbly Jets

2:48pm: (You Got) The Power To Change by Joshua Cook & The Key of Now

2:56pm: Cinderella by The Flesheaters

2:59pm: Juice by Lizzo

3:02pm: Babooshka by Kate Bush

3:09pm: From Chaos To Harmony by Ian Brown

3:13pm: Dance With Me by The Dirty Mugs

3:15pm: 38 Minutes by Skinny Lister

3:22pm: Merrie Land by The Good, The Bad, and The Queen

3:27pm: From Philip Roth to R Zimmerman by Amy Rigby

3:31pm: Squaring Circles by Songs for Walter

3:36pm: I Wanna Hold Your Hand by The Moving Sidewalks (feat. Billy Gibbons)

3:39pm: Strawberry Window by Mercury

3:43pm: One Thing by Night Beats

3:49pm: Love It If We Made It by The 1975

3:52pm: Turn by The Wombats

3:55pm: Be More Kind by Frank Turner



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Malderor – The Complicators and The Underneath The Underground Fest!

July 24, 2018
11:45 am

Malderor welcomes local Oi/Street-Punk band The Complicators into the studio, for a show focusing on bands playing the upcoming Underneath The Underground Festival, August 3 and 4 at 924 Gilman Street! Tons of up-and-coming Street-Punk bands, (on 45rpm vinyl!) as well as an overview of The Complicator’s debut EP on Pirates Press Records. This was a fun, 100% punk-rocking show. Check it out:

2:05pm: Ready, Set, Go! by The Generators

2:06pm: Stop Your Quarreling by Yabby You

2:09pm: Too Young by The Complicators

2:16pm: No Justice by The Harrington Saints

2:20pm: Flat Earth Stomp by The Adolescents

2:21pm: Rebels With A Cause by Anger Flares

2:32pm: The Next One by The Complicators

2:34pm: London Skinhead Crew by Booze & Glory

2:36pm: Took My Love by The Capsouls

2:43pm: No Accion by No Accion

2:47pm: Chatterbox by Hub City Stompers

2:48pm: Bitter by Blue Collar Criminals

2:55pm: Esprit De Corps by Sydney Ducks

2:57pm: Fight Song by Tried and True

3:03pm: Screaming Oi! by Rude Pride

3:07pm: I Will by The Complicators

3:17pm: Unknown by Ultra Sect

3:19pm: Shivers by Fatigue

3:20pm: Ojo Por Ojo by Los Dryheavers

3:22pm: Suspect Device by Stranglehold

3:30pm: Violence of Action by 21 Gun Salute

3:33pm: The Enemy by Down For Life

3:37pm: Barbed Hooks by Junto

3:39pm: Losing Season by Young Idea

3:45pm: Wake Up by The Complicators

3:47pm: Heart’s On Fire by Knucklehead

3:50pm: Because You’re Young (Live) by Cock Sparrer

3:54pm: Seul Contre Tous by Syndrome 81

4:04pm: return to normal schedule.


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Malderor – A Random Grab-Bag with Special Guest Bullwinkle!

July 16, 2018
12:46 pm

Malderor welcomes former-intern Bullwinkle onto the show as an unexpected guest. Coupled with a general lack of preparation, it’s a somewhat disjointed episode, but it was a lot of fun in the studio. Look out for the podcast below!

2:11pm: Jah Vengeance by Yabby You

2:12pm: Pool Of Blood by Medistation

2:15pm: Wake Up by The Complicators

2:22pm: Tangerine Steam by Pretty Lightning

2:25pm: Tooth Ache by RF Shannon

2:30pm: Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way? by Waylon Jennings

2:43pm: Alta Montana by Vuelveteloca

2:48pm: Don’t Panic by Spirit Valley

2:52pm: Flower Of Disease by Goatsnake

3:01pm: California Bleeding by Machine Head

3:05pm: Show Yourself by Mastodon

3:09pm: Stop Moving To Florida by The Melvins

3:16pm: If I Only Had A Brain by MC 500 Foot Jesus

3:19pm: A Place In France by Cheap Trick

3:23pm: Greenfields Of France by Angelic Upstarts

3:33pm: American Guilt by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

3:39pm: Fender Telecaster by Zazen Boys

3:42pm: Rawk and Start by Value Drive

3:51pm: The Next One by The Complicators

3:55pm: Well Fed by Young Elders

3:59pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire


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Malderor – Old-Skool Hip-Hop, New-School Psych Rock, and ‘Edibles.’

June 6, 2018
2:05 pm

Malderor got a bunch of records in the mail that he’d intended to play at the Radio Valencia BBQ a couple weeks ago, so he plays them now. This somehow morphs into one of the hosts trying a gummy “edible” from the neighboring dispensary, and seeing how that worked to make radio. And DJ Deathwish is there to keep things confusing! Check it out:

2:04pm: Guerilla Funk by Paris

2:12pm: The Mission by Special Ed

2:16pm: On The Run by The Jungle Brothers

2:22pm: Real McCoy (Ah, Ah, Ah, Dancehall Mix) by Rankin’ Don

2:25pm: Gucci Dance (Oh My God Mix) by Sam The Beast

2:31pm: The Magnificent (Magnificent Mix) by Special Ed

2:37pm: Ward 10 by Monkey Mafia

2:50pm: Watch This, People by U-Brown

2:51pm: S.O.L. ’07 by Wooden Shjips

3:00pm: Summer by Chatham Rise

3:04pm: Shovelheads by Shriekback

3:19pm: Life Giver, Life Taker by Godflesh

3:24pm: Situation Changes by A Place To Bury Strangers

3:29pm: Heartbreaker by Goatsnake

3:39pm: Cap Gun by Heaters

3:45pm: Germinal by 1000 Russos

3:51pm: Where Sky Meets Earth by Radar Men From The Moon

3:58pm: No Direction by The Unseen



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Malderor – Flying Solo

June 4, 2018
2:13 pm

Malderor was a trifle late, charging in through the Carnaval parade, and his sidekick Deathwish never showed up at all. Given that the Cheap Hoochies were out as well, it was very lonely in the control room this sunny Sunday. Malderor made up for it with new releases, many on the local Pirates Press punk rock label. Streaming link is below:

2:06pm: Touch Sensitive by The Fall

2:08pm: Photographs by The Third Sound feat. Anton Newcombe

2:14pm: Out Of The Woodwork by Courtney Barnett

2:22pm: Resist Much, Obey Little by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

2:28pm: Warriors by Blitz

2:31pm: Cool Water (Hank Williams cover) by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

2:33pm: Ghost Garden by Asteroid #4

2:40pm: Bar Stool Preachers by Bar Stool Preachers

2:42pm: Alone by Bishop’s Green

2:46pm: Don’t Kill The Vibe by Ecstatic Vision

2:57pm: Velour by FAN

2:57pm: Melba by Jeff Rosenstock

3:00pm: Who Spilt My Beer by The Adicts

3:05pm: Open Your Eyes by Jeff Dahl & Poison Idea

3:09pm: Do You Love My Music? by Horace Andy

3:13pm: Can’t Stop Natty Dread Again (12 Inch Version) by Linval Thompson

3:20pm: Caroline Says by Suede with Siouxsie Sioux

3:25pm: Akamynithinawizbleezin by Toxik Ephex

3:29pm: Pretty Vacant (Live, Brixton Academy, 2007) by The Sex Pistols

3:34pm: Can’t Kill Hyphy by Mistah F.A.B.

3:37pm: Beer by The People Under The Stairs

3:41pm: Wake Up by The Complicators

3:46pm: Hitler’s In The Charts Again by The Exploited

3:48pm: Greatest Country In The World by NoFX

3:49pm: Anarchy Burger by The Vandals

3:51pm: Antifa Hooligans by The Oppressed

3:58pm: Baggy Trousers by Transplants

4:00pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire


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Malderor – King Rat Is Our Guest Selector

April 8, 2018
9:09 pm

King Rat decided to visit the studio today, before he and Malderor duck out to merry olde England this week. And Deathwish is back on his feet after his skateboarding accident! We accidentally play some super-famous artists, including Skid Row, Run The Jewels, and an early demo from Duran Duran. Plus some actual new and independent music! And some random equipment dropouts! Check out the podcast!

2:09pm: Safe From Harm by Dubblestandart feat. Amanda Bauman

2:10pm: Reverend Bill’s One Way Trip by GNOB

2:15pm: Lonely Night by Pretty Killer (feat. Jimmy Crucifix)

2:22pm: Old No. 7 by The Devil Makes Three

2:25pm: Bela Lugosi’s Dead by The Dead Brothers

2:26pm: 7 Devils by The Goddamned Gallows

2:34pm: This Corrosion by Lambchop

2:40pm: Radical World by Reluctant Stereotypes

2:43pm: Psychotherapy by Skid Row

2:51pm: King Rat by Guano Bats

2:53pm: A Lizard State by King Krule

2:58pm: Seasick by The Jesus Lizard

3:03pm: Hate Secretary by Conan Neutron and The Secret Friends

3:05pm: Jungle Trance by GNOB

3:11pm: Girls On Film (1979 Demo) by Duran Duran feat. Andy Wickett

3:19pm: Nobody Speak by DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels

3:24pm: Bring Tha Noize by MIA

3:26pm: Bombshell by Operation Ivy

3:34pm: Rebel Wid A Cause by UK All Starz feat. Tenor Fly

3:38pm: B-Boy Stance by The Freestylers feat. Tenor Fly

3:44pm: 16 Tons Of Pressure by O.B.F. feat. Charlie P.

3:48pm: Die On A Rope by The Distillers

3:50pm: Separation by Cloud Nothings

3:55pm: Requiem (Killing Joke Cover) by Eagulls

3:57pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire



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