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Tuesday, November 20

You have fallen into THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT

Play List:
Do you realize- Flaming Lips/
Love will tear us apart- Joy Division/
Love letter- Nick Cave/
Saudade- Love and Rockets/
On our way to fall- Yo La Tengo/
Holiday in Cambodia- Dead Kennedy s/
Los Angeles- X/
Punk Rock Girl- Dead Milk Men/
True Happiness This Way Lies- The The/
Nude- Radio Head/
Shine On- John Cruz/
The Holy Moment- Lemurians/
Bulldog Front- Fugazi/
Root Down- Beastie Boys/
Heroes- David Bowie/
They Love Each other other- Jerry Garcia Band/
Haiti- Arcade Fire/
Roll Over- Thompson Twins/
Dance Away- Roxy Music/
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want- The Smiths/
Twist- Tones on Tail/
Haunted When the Minutes Drag- Love and Rockets/
Undress A Moon- Darwin/
Into Dust- Mazzy Star/
A Means to an End- Joy Division/
I’ll Stop The World And Melt With You- Modern English/
Thieves Like Us- New Order/


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