The Music Department

The Music Department With D.J. MEOW~END OF THE WORLD??

Tuesday, December 18

Do you enjoy music? Take yourself outside the programming box and stop by the Music Department, every Monday from Noon to 2 PM with DJ Meow. Expect sounds from the past and present, along with requests of whatever music is dancing in your soul at the moment.

PLAY LIST 12-17-12
With Special guest Aslan Moonbeam

Galaxy- Hippie Haus/
L’amour- Rouge Rouge/
No Killing- Violent Femms/
Institutionalized- Suicidal Tendencies/
Enjoy The Silence- Depeche Mode/
Dance- The Love Makers/
Isolation- Smashing Pumpkins/
All I Need- Radio Head/
Inhaler- Hoover phonic/
Slender Fungus- Tones On Tail/
Pale Blue Eyes- Velvet Underground/
Mission In the Rain- Jerry Garcia/
Right Here Right Now- Jesus Jones/
Mirror People- Love & Rockets/
The Light- Love & Rockets/
Welcome Tomorrow- Love & Rockets/
No New Tale To Tell- Love & Rockets/
Here On Earth- Love & Rockets/
Lazy- Love & Rockets/
Common People- Pulp/
All over the World- E.L.O./
Psycho Killer- Talking Heads/
Everybody Wants to go to Heaven- Love & Rockets/
Weird Fishes- Radio Head/
Xanadu- Olivia Newton John/
The End- Beatles/


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