The Music Department

THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT- Lots of LOVE and ROCKETS.. In Anticipation of DAVID J. at the HEMLOCK 6/29/13

Saturday, June 29

Play List 6/24/13

See you all 6/29/13 for the David J. Show at the Hemlock

You will find several of my favorite Love and Rockets & David J. songs on this playlist among a wide variety great tunes!


Free At Dawn- Small Black
It Could be Sunshine- Love and Rockets
Dropped- Atoms for Peace
Absolute Beginners- David Bowie
Crocodile Tears and the VelvetCosh- David J.
Fee You now- Wild Nothing
My Love is Real- Divine Fits
I Touch Roses- Book of Love
Wonderful- Adam Ant
Mirror People- Love and Rockets
Smother- Daughter
You- Clinic
No New Tale To Tell- Love and Rockets
A Few Hours After This- Cure
Lonely Planet- The The
How it Ends- Devotchka
Train In Vain (stand by me) – Clash
Still Alive- Three Mile Pilot
Inedible Blue- David J.
Avalon- Roxy Music
Into the Trees- Still Corners
Here On Earth- Love and Rockets
Don’t Play With Guns- Black Angels
Love Like Blood- Killing Joke
If There’s a Heaven Above- Love and Rockets


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