The Music Department

The Music Department With D.J. MEOW~

Thursday, July 10

Join D.J. Meow, Thursday, July 10 in “The Music Department” from 12-2 p.m. for a special song release from Attasalina !

Play List

Piggy in The Mirror- The Cure/
Clouds and The White Noise- The Dig/
Earthquake Weather- Beck/
Our Way to Fall- Yo La Tengo/
Old Flame- Arcade Fire/
Seasons (Waiting on You) – Future Islands/
So. Wrong- Dead Leaf Echo/
Crow Jane- Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds/
Crucified- Clan of Xymox/
Low Tar Stars- Peter Murphy/
Masokissed- Pains of Being Pure at Heart/
Lose it All, All The Time- EDJ/
The Telephone is Empty- Love and Rockets/
Catch- The Cure/
Heart of The Beast- Attasalina/
Meet Ze Monsta- P.J. Harvey/
This Time of Night- New Order/
Deranged (Reprise)- David Bowie/
Parenthesis- (PVT Remix)- Antlers/
Hot Freaks- Guided By Voices/
Addiction (Second Dose) – Skinny Puppy/
Bizarre Love Triangle- New Order/
Suffer Well- Depeche Mode/
Daddy’s Car- Eno * Hyde/
Blue Moon Revisited- Cowboy Junkies/
Candy- Morphine/
Love You- Syd Barrett/


JULY 2014 (SANTA ROSA,CA) — Singer/Songwriter Attasalina releases her first, solo single titled Heart of the Beast on July 15, 2014 on Bandcamp (NameYourPrice) –

Post-punk and psychedelic inspired artist Attasalina winds the very fabric of existence into her work. Relating patterns, unfolding perceptions. Painting sonic landscapes with hypnotic, world weary rhythms and beautiful yet haunting notes, she and her co-producer Darwin Meiners have artfully blended the raw authenticity of live recording with the enticing richness of electronica in their efforts to reveal the truest nature of this compelling story.


In the deep and the dark we know exactly who and what we are. We may not like it, desire it or suffer it to be true. But nonetheless, we know. From this place of knowing, it is my belief that all creations are born. This song is my birth, in truth and in fiction, then as well as now. The beginning, the first step on a way with many more to follow. Knock three times and seek yourself. The journey is the same though it be told a thousand times. The spirit is at war and so seeks its peace.

“I am not an accessory and I don’t sing harmony. I am the architect, the maestro, the terrible wind. A voice in the wasteland against mediocrity and despair. I am not the victim nor will I be the decoration. I am death, I am hope, I am a thousand faces none of which are for sale.”



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