The Music Department

The Music Department With D.J. Meow

Sunday, August 10

Play List

Harold and Joe- The Cure
Marijuana In Your Brain- Lords of Acid
Twist- Tones on Tail
Do You- Spoon
If There’s A Heaven Above- Love and Rockets
Fame- The Acid
Strange Overtones- David Byrne & Brian Eno
Boiling Point- The The
9th and Hennepin- Tom Waits
Haiti- Arcade Fire
Up All Night- Boomtown Rats
I Have Forgiven Jesus- Morrissey
Just Like Heaven (Dizzy Mix)- The Cure
Salton Sea- Divine Fits
Private Future- Love and Rockets
All I Want- LCD Soundsystem
Ond England- The Waterboys
Pictures of You- The Cure
The Hardest Thing in The World- Stone Roses
Hooky- This Frontier Needs Heroes
Run- New Order
Kiss Them For Me- Siouxsie and The Banshees
I Feel Speed- Love and Rockets
Good Night Tonight- Paul McCartney


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