The Music Department

The Music Department With D.J. Meow

Thursday, August 28

Play List

Once In a Lifetime- Talking Heads/
Thirteen Eyes- Kingdom of The Holy Sun/
Hold Me- Milosh/
Here on Earth- Love and Rockets/
Crest Fallen- Smashing Pumpkins/
Hanging Garden- The Cure/
In Put- Faunts/
Do You Want To Hold Me- Bow Wow Wow/
THe One Who Broke Your Heart- David Byrne and St. Vincent/
Shake The Disease- Depeche Mode/
Diamond Doll- My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult/
Beyond and Back- X/
Good Bye Horses- Q Lazarus/
Seamless Boogie Woogie- Clinic/
Bluer Than Midnight- The The/
Red Hand- Owl John/
Splintered in Her Head- The Cure/
Spirit- Bauhaus/
Yin and Yang (the flower pot man) – Love and Rockets/
Why Should I love You?- Kate Bush/
Be My Angel- Mazzy Star/
Grey- Kitten Grenade/
Everything Comes Down to This- Gary Numan/
Don’t Laugh, I Love You- Ween/
This Must Be The Place (naive melody)- Talking Heads/
Alyda- Yo La Tengo/
I’m Alive- ELO/


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