The Music Department

The Music Department With D.J. Meow~ In Studio Performance By “Team Venus”

Thursday, October 9

Join Me In “The Music Department” This Thursday, October 9 from 12-2 p.m. for a live in studio performance by “Team Venus”

Play list

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No Spill Blood- Oingo Boingo/
Suffer Well- Depeche Mode/
My Mister Grey- Team Venus/
One Kiss (live in studio)- Team Venus/
The Perfect Girl- The Cure/
Mine and Yours- The Horrors/
Death At One’s Elbow- The Smiths/
It Could Be Sunshine- Love and Rockets/
Love Will Die (live in studio)- Team Venus/
Love Will Tear Us Apart- Joy Division/
Black Water- The Dig/
Love To Hate You- Erasure/
Take Me I’m Yours- Squeeze/
California Dreaming- Team Venus/
Lover Man (live in studio)- Team Venus/
Loyd, I’m Ready To Be Heart Broken- Camera Obscura/
Round and Round- New Order/
Mamouna- Bryan Ferry/
Too Deep- GOASTT/
A Few Hours After This- The Cure/
See Me (live in studio)- Team Venus/
Passion of Lovers- Bauhaus/
French exit- The Antlers/
Kiss Off- The Violent Femmes/
You Take Me Up- Thompson Twins/
Across The Universe- The Beatles/


About Team Venus:
Self-reflective and brazen, Team Venus is the kind of smart-sexy you want to get to know better. Comprised of songwriting duo Alia Beeton & Chris Vibberts, Team Venus puts their distinctive stamp on the electro-pop-rock genre. Blending styles in unexpected ways, they bridge the gap between danceable pop, electronic rock, and melodic lyrical songwriting.

The songs are seriously hot and seriously fun. They speak of sexuality, love, connection and the irony of being. Lyrically uncliched, rhythmically hypnotic, dreamily edgy, erotically charged and enticingly pensive, they slink into the psyche on many levels. Team Venus cuts new shapes while referencing our deepest histories. Archadian gods and goddesses ooze through the sleek modern phrases to whisper about the revival of something we all crave in today’s plastic landscape; a devotion to the arts, a surrender to passion and poetic self-analysis. There exists in the music juxtaposition between control and raw abandon, expressing the chaos of the human-animal heart. The arrangements are at times minimal and at times rich, and always full of flavor. The songs will disturb you enough to get you moving the way you secretly want to move- they give permission to reach further, because the apple exists to be bitten. Refreshing composition and sensual vocals meet unexpected and evocative production, creating a dimensional sound that thrills and tantalizes- the result of which is dangerously addictive grooves!

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