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The Music Department with DJ MEOW~ “Create Again” with DARWIN

Tuesday, March 24

Join me in “The Music Department” this Thursday, March 26 from 12-2 pm (pst), with special guest Darwin. Find out how you can support “Create Again”, a benefit to fund a local music program for children in the name of Andy Lopez. Tune in and hear music from Alex Maas (of The Black Angels),BC Fitzpatrick, Darwin, Silent pictures, Survival Guide, & Ashley Allred.

All of these musicians will  be performing April 4th at ARLENE FRANCIS CENTER – SANTA ROSA, CA.

create again 2

Andy Lopez’s death was a horrible shock. An unimaginable pain to even consider the loss of child. Like many of you I was filled with anger and saddness. I was compelled to do something about it. But I didn’t know Andy and I struggled to find a way to help. Eventually, I stumbled upon a picture online of Andy playing a trumpet. I immeadately knew this was the connection. This was a small way to try make something positive that would enrich the community and help us never forget what happened. This event has two goals:

Remind us all to keep what happened in our thoughts and continue to work towards peaceful solutions.
Honor Andy by giving to something that he loved.


All proceeds will go directly to the music program at Lawrence Cook School where Andy attended. The donation will be made in Andy’s name. You can help us reach our goal several ways:

Purchase a ticket and attend the event
Purchase one of our donation items
Make a donation directly to the cause
Any combination of the above
All donations are through our sponsor KWTF Radio 501(c) #45-5041405 charitable organization.
Your support is tax-deductible



Performances by:
Alex Maas (of The Black Angels)
BC Fitzpatrick
silent pictures
Survival Guide
Ashley Allred
more to TBA

Get your ticket/donate HERE

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