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Wednesday, April 18

Strange as it may seem, Karen Carpenter and Bob-Marc live in San Francisco homes they own… but then again they are a highly skilled and over-paid building contractor and a male Martian Mission stripper, respectively.  Dr. Fiasco, Mrs. Dr. Fiasco and the imminent Ms. Dr. Fiasco Jr. live in a typical Mission Modern rental apartment… 412 sq.ft. of family bliss wrapped in pink tile, drywall counter tops, iron security gates, pillows soaked with tears and a closet…. so everyone is experts on rentals.  Join the radio crew this week, along with their guest SF Building Inspector Ron Whay and SPECIAL GUEST DJ GEEK FREAK, the only Scotsman known to own a tooth brush, as the FINAL BROADCAST of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND  explores what goes into an apartment unit to rationalize the rent crime.

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