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Wednesday, May 9

Last week the music world lost a most beloved figure that influenced many, created a unique sound and truly *believed* in the party.

We are talking, of course, about Lloyd Brevett, bass player interplanetary, thermodynamic and extraordinaire of the Skatalites.

And what better music for Fighting for the Party or Partying during the Fight than Ska?

In tonight’s FINAL BROADCAST of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND, Karen “Jai Mahal” Carpenter, Bob “China Kane” Marc, Dr. “Coconut Wireless” Fiasco and Special Guest DJ Geek “Babylon Badaboom” Freak present a Very Rude Show, lobbing the Stoniest Stones from da Islandsand elsewhere in your general auditory direction.

In other news, the NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND marketing department has joined forces with the enterprising folks at Lost Weekend Video and their Cine Cave in a cross-marketing scam, ahem, promotion where  we finance their goofball habit  and they put our show in their billboard on Valencia Street (between 21st and 22nd)

This is what we got:

While it looks more like a coded message about a dead drop to the Spy Master of the People’s Republic of Fiaskistan, we are quite pleased with the result and encourage all our three listeners to go there this week and take pictures next to it,.  Also, park a black van with some TV antennas on it in front of the store for a day.  Or something.

And finally, Chicken John remixed, because it never gets old:


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One Response

  • I didn’t realize Lloyd Brevett had passed away, I’d seen him three times as The Skatalites’ bandleader, and then when I saw The Skatalites tow more times, he’d been retired & replaced, he brought great energy to their shows as their emcee.