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Wednesday, June 6

Last week, NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND discussed the ponytailed guy from Marin who hugs you for 30 seconds too long.  Now on most radio programs, a simple shiver up your spine and that would be the end of it.  Not here in the FINAL BROADCAST of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND!   Tonight the real kreepy krew of Karen Carpenter, Dr. Fiasco and Bob-Marc will bring you many more examples of near universal unpleasantness, but stopping just short of outright disgust, and advice on how to deal with:
Cuddle parties and how to keep them “wood-free”.

The Guy With a Bottle of Lotion offering free “massages” at the hot springs

That ethnic food that looks like invertebrates and tastes like turpentine.

Ron Paul groupies.

Friends who are “artists“.

The Sketchy Russian Guy who Spends All Night Trying to Drag You to “Ecstasy party with best woman, best DJ, best drink, just for you my friend”.

Religious Proselytizers and their close cousins, Smug Atheists.That co-worker who keeps asking where you will be next weekend.

Acquaintances that belong to one of the many San Francisco cults, such as People’s Temple, Landmark, Dahn, The Gap , Apple, Burning Man, and of course the worst, most evangelical and intellectually bankrupt of all – Dot Com Libertarians.

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