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Wednesday, July 11

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One could think that we at NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND would be upset at the departure of BORG9, Supreme Art Critic for Life.  We are not.  In fact we are elated our Dear Leader has discarded his mortal body and is now completely free of encumbrances to smash punks throughout this and other Universes.

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BORG9 made his presence known in the Modern Era by turning the 2005 My Art Is Bigger Then Yours Contest (known by the Ancients as Borg 2)  into a Babel of Inanity that culminated in the choosing of the theme of The Great Hippie Dirt Fest 2006 to be “Show Me Your Tits: $300”.

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From that momentous occasion, The Beautiful One went on to smash punks  wherever punks needed to be smashed and to perform incredible feats such as opening that jar of jam that no one else could.
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And so in the FINAL BROADCAST of NOSE HAIR LINT GLANDKaren CarpenterDr. Fiasco and SPECIAL GUESTS KrOB and PUZZLING EVIDENCE will pay homage toBORG9‘s legacy in this world and beyond.

NOSE HAIR LINT GLANDThe Golden Anvil of Smashing. 

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