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Spring Bounce [DTW 3.19.13]
March 19, 2013 6:00pm
Les Sins - Grind (Grind/Prelims, 2013, Jiaolong)
iO Sounds - Tough Luck (iOS Sounds Refix) (Tough Luck, 2013, Infinite Machine)
Four Tet - Jupiters (Pink, 2012, Text)
Lea Lea - Black Or White (Goth Trad Remix) (Black Or White, 2013, Wah Wah 45s)
Sun Glitters - Mouth (Shigeto Remix) (Mouth/Tight EP, 2012, Lefse)
Hourglass Sea - La Concorde (Live From The Crematorium, 2013)
[break] A Guy Called Gerald - How Long Is Now (How Long Is Now, 2013, Bosconi)
inc. - Careful (Deebs Edit) (No World, 2013)
Nosaj Thing - Eclipse/Blue (feat. Kazu Makino) (Home, 2013, Innovative Leisure/Timetable)
RxGibbs - Macro (Contact, 2013, Cascine)
Lee Burton - Breath (Lake People Remix) (Busy Days For Fools Remixes Pt. 02, 2013, Klik)
[break] Computer Graphics - Synthavision (Synthavision, 2013, Car Crash Set)
FaltyDL - Bells (Hardcourage, 2013, Ninja Tune)
Dauwd - And (Heat Division EP, 2013, Ghostly)
Roman Flugel - Duck And Cover (Gerd Janson presents Musik for Autobahns, 2013, Rush Hour)
Chicago Flotation Device - Untitled 6 (Untitled 6, 2013)
Luke Abbott - Modern Driveway (Modern Driveway, 2012, Notown)
Floyd Campbell - Catch Vapyrs (Bank Walls EP, 2013, Body High)
[break] Avey Tare - Oliver Twist (Get Lost 4 Mixed by Damian Lazarus, 2011, Crosstown Rebels)
Les Sins - Taken (Fetch/Taken, 2012, Jiaolong)
Elize Mercier - All These Ices (About This Girl EP, 2013, Tenth Circle)
Nosaj Thing - Snap (Home, 2013, Innovative Leisure/Timetable)

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