starring Dr. Hal !
May 3, 2013 10:00pm


Ask Dr Hal
The studio audience (and off-world listeners) responded favorably to the Ask Dr. Hal Show LIVE FUN(D)RAISER. Now download this, peel back the layers, and weep at the fecund talent that never ends (ends at 1am).

Chatroom History
May 3, 2013 10:00pm - 1:30am

Hermes Decagistus: what a warm kind gentle sweet sensitive show ! (10:32pm)
Hermes Decagistus: so gooshy with smarmy love-squank ! (10:32pm)
Hermes Decagistus: my ears sweat with concupiscient angst to hear such dulcet musicing ! (10:33pm)
Hermes Decagistus: play misty for me or else I'll Eastwood your buttocks (10:34pm)
Hermes Decagistus: now dammit please, I beg you ! (10:34pm)
Hermes Decagistus: now you're scaring me ! stop ! stop ! (10:35pm)
Hermes Decagistus: never mind -- im just gonna go listen to KFOG instead. I don'thave to take this caca (10:36pm)
Hermes Decagistus: Im back ! did you miss me? (10:36pm)
Hermes Decagistus: why don't you answer me? don't you care? (10:38pm)
Hermes Decagistus: ok, Im just gonna ignore you (10:38pm)
Hermes Decagistus: what a cool show ! I have to turn off my air conditioner when I listen to you so I dont freeze. (10:40pm)
Hermes Decagistus: Im in love with Obama... he's the guy for me... whenever I hear his name, I feel happy ! (10:41pm)
Alan Benard: I'm finally listening live to Ask Dr. Hal. Cough up! (10:43pm)
Hermes Decagistus: 10-4 big buddy (10:43pm)
Alan Benard: Wall-to-wall and treetop tall. (10:44pm)
Dianne Feinstein: This program is illegal. Cease and desist immediately, (10:47pm)
Dianne Feinstein: repeat (10:47pm)
Dianne Feinstein: Please repeat the first line of that poem (10:48pm)
Jerry Brown: Do you accept food stamps? (10:50pm)
Alan Benard: Astronomy gives me a boner. (11:28pm)
Alan Benard: The Pepeiopause! (11:30pm)
Alan Benard: Pepe-eclipse! (11:35pm)
spy emerson: hey!! its spy!!!! (11:43pm)
spy emerson: hi hal!! (11:43pm)
spy emerson: i heard it stinks in there like poppin michael pepe!! (11:44pm)
ballSFunky: Couldn't make it to the SHow...gonna donate via payapl (11:47pm)
spy emerson: looooong space report (11:50pm)
vj pussycat: i was just sayin that (11:50pm)
spy emerson: i demand!!! (11:50pm)
ballSFunky: I will donate 100 dollars via paypal if the Space report ends by 11:52 PST (11:51pm)
spy emerson: hahaa! (11:52pm)
vj pussycat: oh well good try (11:52pm)
vj pussycat: maybe someone there could wave a bacon wrapped hot dog in pete goldie's face (11:52pm)
spy emerson: haaa! his weakness!! (11:53pm)
ballSFunky: donated anyway (11:54pm)
spy emerson: we care because of you pete (11:54pm)
vj pussycat: nice ball (11:54pm)
ballSFunky: I don't know who Jonathan Fast is...but make sure Hal sees some of that filthy lucre (11:54pm)
spy emerson: ahhh sound going out!! (11:55pm)
ballSFunky: spy...are you using the popout player? (11:55pm)
spy emerson: i have no idea. its outdated media (11:58pm)
spy emerson: funky balls (12:00am)
spy emerson: clap clap (12:00am)
spy emerson: yawn (12:00am)
spy emerson: terror rain (12:01am)
spy emerson: yes (12:01am)
ballSFunky: whay does everyone do that when they see my handle (12:01am)
spy emerson: darkroom (12:01am)
ballSFunky: funky balls funky balls get off my back (12:02am)
ballSFunky: it's Copy"Bob"!!! (12:02am)
ballSFunky: or Froppy"Bob" (12:02am)
spy emerson: DONT TALK TECH PROBLEMS!!! (12:02am)
spy emerson: omg!! (12:03am)
spy emerson: KROB in teen beat!? (12:03am)
ballSFunky: May the 4th be With You!!! (12:03am)
spy emerson: saturday (12:03am)
spy emerson: night (12:03am)
ballSFunky: radiovalencia>KPFA (12:03am)
spy emerson: mr hell sounds good! (12:04am)
ballSFunky: applause (12:04am)
spy emerson: clap (12:05am)
spy emerson: can you hear me?!? (12:08am)
ballSFunky: i submitted a question via will that be answered? (12:08am)
spy emerson: wow (12:09am)
spy emerson: ummmm...pepe? (12:09am)
spy emerson: dirty bandage!!! (12:11am)
spy emerson: yes please (12:12am)
spy emerson: get the beer spilling dealt with! (12:15am)
spy emerson: what the heck!?! (12:18am)
Jerry Brown: what is a question? (12:18am)
spy emerson: 969797969 (12:18am)
spy emerson: 69672696 (12:19am)
Willy Clinton: ( 911 ) 911-9111 (12:19am)
spy emerson: because genius never pays enough (12:19am)
Willy Clinton: try subgenius (12:19am)
spy emerson: BUY subgenius (12:20am)
spy emerson: how does a POOTIN smell? (12:21am)
Hermes Trismegistus: I can't get a phoneme in sideways here. (12:21am)
spy emerson: try up and down (12:22am)
spy emerson: hhaaaaa (12:23am)
spy emerson: haahha (12:23am)
Hermes Trismegistus: It works ! and round and round too ! (12:23am)
spy emerson: ass gas or grass ..nobody rides dr hal for free (12:24am)
spy emerson: suspense!? (12:25am)
spy emerson: who is calling? (12:25am)
spy emerson: whos at the door? (12:25am)
vj pussycat: did the brazilian astronaut ever show up? (12:25am)
spy emerson: whoa!! (12:25am)
Hermes Pentagistus: Im at thdoor. Please let me in (12:26am)
vj pussycat: call them (12:26am)
Hermes Pentagistus: I called them assholes then they hung up humorless honkies (12:27am)
spy emerson: hold on to yourself! (12:27am)
spy emerson: chaos (12:27am)
vj pussycat: hal's not taking calls (12:27am)
ballSFunky: 10-4 (12:28am)
spy emerson: no!! our show is may 11th saturday night!!! (12:28am)
Hermes Decagistus: Im at the door too. Please let me in. Please. I have money sex and cannabis for you! (12:30am)
spy emerson: sorry, im in LA (12:30am)
Hermes Decagistus: never mind. Ispent the $$, consummated the sex, and smoked the herb (12:30am)
spy emerson: you good fer nuthin (12:31am)
spy emerson: !!! (12:31am)
Hermes Decagistus: I thought about you all the while, spy dearest (12:31am)
spy emerson: awwww!! who is this?? (12:31am)
Hermes Decagistus: a secret admirer (12:32am)
spy emerson: aww (12:32am)
Hermes Decagistus: I have watched you from afar for many years. I must have you ! Be mine tonight ! (12:32am)
spy emerson: shutup!! (12:33am)
spy emerson: baaah!!! (12:33am)
Hermes Decagistus: I cant handle the rejection. Im goino go fall in love with myself instead (12:34am)
spy emerson: pfffttt!! (12:34am)
ballSFunky: spy...i recently sent you a friend request via fb. My Con-Name begins with the letter "D". (12:37am)
spy emerson: aha! a set up. wow this girl stumped hal. (12:37am)
spy emerson: she must feel really smart (12:37am)
spy emerson: funkyballs, a friend request? uh (12:37am)
spy emerson: dylan green (12:38am)
ballSFunky: yes ma'am (12:39am)
spy emerson: garren (12:39am)
ballSFunky: yup (12:39am)
ballSFunky: I should change it to gReeN now... (12:39am)
spy emerson: snacks!! (12:40am)
spy emerson: HOT DOGS!!! (12:40am)
spy emerson: shes gonna get poopies (12:40am)
spy emerson: nice beat KROB (12:40am)
vj pussycat: WRAPPED IN BACON!!! (12:40am)
vj pussycat: speed round (12:41am)
spy emerson: wow. um (12:44am)
spy emerson: ok (12:44am)
spy emerson: 97 (12:44am)
spy emerson: 96 (12:44am)
spy emerson: 98 (12:44am)
spy emerson: 96 (12:44am)
ballSFunky: pathetic questions (12:45am)
Copy"Bob": PRABOB!!! Aieieiieeieiieiieiiiiieee!!!1 (12:46am)
spy emerson: milk (12:47am)
Copy"Bob": moop (12:47am)
spy emerson: the (12:47am)
spy emerson: sap (12:47am)
Copy"Bob": Standard Audio Profile? (12:47am)
vj pussycat: sounds like 4 peas already started (12:50am)
spy emerson: gnight!! (12:57am)
spy emerson: bye hal (12:57am)
spy emerson: haa (12:57am)

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