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Tuesdays 6-8pm PT. The best in new electronic and independent music.
May Groove [DTW]
May 7, 2013 6:00pm
Wild Nothing - On Guyot (Empty Estate, 2013, Captured Tracks)
Rone - Bye Bye Macadam (Aquarian Remix) (Bye Bye Macadam Remixes, 2013, InFine)
Kastle - Been Awhile (Kastle, 2013, Symbols Recordings)
Deebs & TS? - Part I (Tsuka Origins EP, 2013)
Still Corners - The Trip (Strange Pleasures, 2013, Sub Pop)
Bondax - All Inside (You're So, 2012, Super)
[break] Monokle - Vigo (Mirrors, 2013, Fuselab)
Thievery Corporation - Fragments (Tycho Remix) (Fragments/Ascension, 2013, Ghostly/ESL)
Chrome Canyon - Chasing The Dead (Mike Simonetti Remix) (Elemental Remixes, 2013, Stones Throw)
Les Sins - Fetch (Fetch/Taken, 2012, Jiaolong)
Kelpe - Answered (Deco Child Remix) (Answered, 2013, DRUT)
Portable Sunsets - Clone Opera (Mercy, 2012, Magical Properties)
[break] Portable Sunsets - Fog (Mercy, 2012, Magical Properties)
Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal (Nosaj Thing Remix) (Open Eye Signal, 2013, Domino)
Daughter - Youth (If You Leave, 2013, Glassnote)
Rachael Boyd - You Need To Stop Looking (Sun Glitters Remix) (You Need To Stop Looking, 2013, Abandon Building)
Junip - So Clear (Junip, 2013, Mute)
Com Truise - Trying Times For The Indirect (Of Art and Artifice, 2012, Ghostly)
[break] Sizlak - The Way I Feel (Bresiln & Sizlak EP, 2013, Amadeus)
Mount Kimbie - Blood and Form (Blood and Form, 2013, Warp)
Keepsakes - Kontaina (Night Echoes, 2013, Sequel One)
Plusculaar - Me, Myself and I (Me, Myself and I, 2013, Roots and Wings)
Two Charming Men - Lemons (Lemons, 2013, Top Billin)

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