Episode 39: Girls! Girls! Girls!
May 14, 2013 8:00am


We sat down with the lovely ladies of Quaaludes, to talk about their upcoming show at Scream Queens fest in Oakland at RCA. And we learned the hard way. not to objectify them.

8:07am: Black Rice by Women

8:15am: Looter's Game by Peoples Temple

8:17am: Splintered Bridges by The Splinters

8:21am: Murdered On the Way by Grandma\'s Boyfriend

8:23am: Scorpio by Peach Kelly Pop

8:24am: New Anthem for America\'s Disenfranchised by Hickey

8:37am: Panopticon by Belgrado

8:50am: Bikini Kill by Rebel Girl

8:54am: Correct Me by Histerics

8:56am: Here Comes Trouble by The Babies

8:57am: Oh Heavy Snow by Julia Dorion

9:09am: Hate Mail by Quaaludes

9:12am: Know Wada Mean by Quaaludes

9:15am: Shut Up by Savages

9:16am: A Pretty Wild by The Tough Shits

9:19am: Living in the City by Discharge

9:22am: Mil Minute by Grass Widow

9:36am: Lockits by Future Twin

9:39am: I Wanna Be a Mama by Stereo Total

9:42am: S.O.S. by Midnite Snax

9:45am: Throw Away by Synthetic ID

9:47am: Heaven Knows I\'m Miserable Now by The Smiths

9:51am: Coma by The Oh Sees

9:56am: Kiss Me by Mikal Cronin

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