Double band day in the studio , 1st hour - Insufferables 2nd hour - Slough Feg
June 2, 2013 12:00pm


12:01pm: Act II by The Well

12:06pm: Tresspass by The Well

12:11pm: 1000 Lies by The Well

12:18pm: The Red Death by Hornss

12:23pm: Trouble Rose/Frozen Eyes by Hornss

12:32pm: Cats Who Drive Cars by Insufferables

12:34pm: Whisky Dreams by Insufferables

12:46pm: Lullaby by Insufferables

12:56pm: Mountain Song by Sgt. Sunshine

12:59pm: Money by Choking Victim

1:02pm: Summertime Blues by Blue Cheer

1:05pm: Mickey Mouse Is Dead by Subhumans

1:08pm: Napalm in the Morning by Sodom

1:23pm: Slough Feg by Slough Feg

1:31pm: Hyberno Latin Invasion by Slough Feg

1:39pm: Lzr Inforcer by Slough Feg

1:43pm: The Wizard's Vengence by Legend

1:50pm: Queen by Indian

1:59pm: return to normal schedule.

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