Dreams Seventeen
June 22, 2013 4:00pm


4:03pm: Somewhere I Belong by Gabor Szabo from Gabor Szabo

4:05pm: Mozambique by Amon Duul II from Vive La Trance

4:10pm: Earl Gray by Fleetwood Mac from Kiln House

4:13pm: The Fairy Mountain by Tri Atma from Yearning & Harmony

4:18pm: Ageispolis by Aphex Twin from Ambient Senses

4:23pm: Der Bose by Christof Glowalla from Erde 80

4:28pm: The Continuing Story of Counterpoint, Part Six by David Borden from Music for Amplified Keyboard Instruments

4:35pm: Unfinished Sympathy (Paul Oakenfold Inst Mix) by Massive from Unfinished Sympathy

4:39pm: Spanish Castles in Space (Castles in Goa Mix) by The Orb from Aubrey Mixes

4:45pm: Part I by Future Sound of London from Cascade

4:52pm: Balfigore (Before the Feast) by Chris & Cosey from Pagan Tango

4:55pm: 1990 by Aardvarck from 1990

5:02pm: Shrouds by Rrose from Waterfall Variations

5:13pm: Tow Truck (Deapth Charge Mix) by Sabres of Paradise from Tow Truck

5:20pm: Vengier by Gatekeeper from Exo

5:22pm: Love War Riot (Dogon-Nogod Vocoder Message Mix) by Psychic TV from Love War Riot

5:30pm: Amplification by Spectrum from The Spectrum Remixes

5:34pm: Fever Called Love (Alt Vox Mix) by RHC from Fever Called Love

5:39pm: What Has Been Joined (By God) - Brutal Acid Rub-a-Dub by Anthony Acid & Brutal Bill from What Has Been Joined

5:45pm: Jungle Bill (Ian Tregoning Mix) by Yello from Jungle Bill

5:53pm: Take Me Up (Love Decade Mix) by Soundsource from Only for the Headstrong

5:58pm: Africa by Peru from Continents

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