Female-fronted post-punk and weird
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 42: Getting Nowhere Fast
July 6, 2013 10:00pm


+x+Ribbon Around a BOMB+x+
Female-fronted punk + post-punk: weird, aggressive, and dark music all made by women.

Fiftysixer and Molly join La Lengua in this tribute to Mia Zapata of the Gits, who died 20 years ago this day.

Patience and Prudence- A Smile and a Ribbon
XL Capris- My City of Sydney
Trashwomen- Peter Gunn
The Comes- Wa-Ka-Me
Animals and Men- Bad Lover
SST- Autistic
Legal Weapon- No One Listens
The B Girls- Savage Fever
Chalk Circle- Uneasy Friend
DIRT- Profit and Loss
AlieNation- Palestine
Essential Logic- Music is a Better Noise
Las Ultrasonicas- Godzilla
The Ettes- A Conversation
Hans-A-Plast- Lederhosentyp
Mo-Dettes- Masochistic Opposite
Girls At Our Best!- Getting Nowhere Fast
Fastbacks- Always Tomorrow
Abe Froman- I Got Sick of Waiting For You
The Launderettes- Transition Man
Kamala and the Karnivores- Love Like Murder
The Maggots- Let's Get, Let's Get (Tammy Wynette)
The Daughters of Eve- Don't Waste My Time
Amos and Sara- Fleeced
Gore Gore Girls- Loaded Heart
Ideal- Berlin
Frightwig- I Got Lost
Dolly Mixture- How Come You're Such a Hit
The Gits- Absynthe
Jeri Rossi- I Left My Heart But I Don't Know Where
FFF- Arbeit Macht Dumm
45 Grave- Surf Bat
The Gits- Another Shot of Whiskey
The Gits- Spear and Magic Helmet
The Gits- Bob- Cousin O
The Gits- Here's to Your Fuck
The Gits- Insecurities
The Gits- Kings and Queens
The Gits- Seaweed
The Gits- Wingo Lamo
The Gits- If It All Dies Anyway

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