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Pampered mix [DTW]
August 6, 2013 6:00pm
Wordlife - Small Talk (Doc Daneeka LGO Remix) (Small Talk, 2013)
Eagles For Hands - Holla (Hot Telescopic EP, 2013)
Kiki - Dynamite (Berlino Disco, 2013, BPitch Control)
Low Line Relay - Afterglow (Sea Legs, 2013, Audio Parallax)
Patterns - Saved (Dangerous Intentions, 2013, Patterns)
[break] Methodrone - Pale Blue Dot (Spacial Recognition, 2013, Looq)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs & Eats Everything - Lion, The Lion (Lion, The Lion, 2013, Crosstown Rebels)
Ganz - Brainwash (Forever Young EP, 2013, Bmkltsch)
Atapy - Beating Strong (feat. Sivesgaard) (Beating Strong, 2013, Cimelde)
Adventure - Nervous (Shams' Relaxed Mix) (Nervous, 2013)
[break] Atapy - One More Favor (Beating Strong, 2013, Cimelde)
Kiwi - Llama (Kahwe Remix) (Llama, 2013)
Claude VonStroke - Can't Wait (Can't Wait / The Clapping Track, 2013, dirtybird)
Dimitry Liss - The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue (To The Moon EP, 2013, Immersed Audio)
[break] Outputmessage - 40000km (Tropics Mix) (Look At All the Possibilities, 2013, L4L5)
Space Ghost - Stuck (Patient Mind, 2013)
Giuliano Rodrigues - This Is My Idea of Fun (This Is My Idea of Fun EP, 2013, Flowing Movement)
Die Vogel - Maikaferbenzin (Fratzengulash, 2011, Pampa)
Toby Gale - Cool Car (Starfruit EP, 2013, Tape Club)

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