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Tuesdays 6-8pm PT. The best in new electronic and independent music.
Bassy Bold mix [DTW]
August 13, 2013 5:00pm
Community Corporation - Gary's Wall (No Space, 2013, Crisis Urbana)
Washed Out - All I Know (Paracosm, 2013, Sub Pop)
Com Truise - Flightwave (Galactic Melt, 2011, Ghostly)
Beautiful Bells - Below The Fields (One Cent Piece, 2013, Moodgadget)
LTJ Bukem - Watercolours (Journey Inwards, 2000, Kinetic)
[break] Ezana Harris - Japon (I Am Ready, 2011, Planet E)
dBridge - Plain To See (Move Way, 2013, R&S)
Ambassadeurs - Trouble (Trouble EP, 2013, Pilot)
Phaeleh - Delusions (Fallen Light, 2010, Afterglo)
Kyson - Missing Things (The Water's Way, 2013, Friends of Friends)
Tycho - Ascension (Fragments/Ascension, 2013, Ghostly)
[break] Phaeleh - Mantra (Fallen Light, 2010, Afterglo)
Max Essa - Last Chance For Love (Sand Dune Mix) (Won Ton Sunset, 2013, Bear Funk)
Kelpe - Answered (Microburst Remix) (Answered, 2013, Drut)
Moderat - Gita (II, 2013, Mute)
Mangetout - Ode (If It Wer EP, 2013, Meles Meles)
[break] Kleidosty - A Thing Apart (Edifice of Artifice, 2011, Looq)
Coyote - Tranquilo (Half Man Half Coyote, 2013, Is It Balearic..?)
Natasha Kmeto - Pleasure Delay (Jason Burns Remix) (Pleasure Delay, 2013)
Claude VonStroke - The Clapping Track (Can't Wait/The Clapping Track, 2013, dirtybird)
Lianne La Havas - Lost and Found (Maya Jane Coles Remix) (Lost and Found, 2012)
[break] Phaeleh - Storm (Applebottom Remix) (Storm, 2013, Afterglo)
Kryptic Minds - Varia (Varia, 2013, download)
Washed Out - Great Escape (Paracosm, 2013, Sub Pop)
Beautiful Bells - Panic Attack (One Cent Piece, 2013, Moodgadget)
Plusculaar - Tinkling (Inappropriate, 2013, Esemtrax)
Kyle Hall - Crushed (The Boat Party, 2013, Wild Oats)
Coyote - San Carlos (Half Man Half Coyote, 2013, Is It Balearic..?)
Last Japan - Float (Darsk, 2013, Space + Time)
Phaeleh - Numb (Within The Emptiness, 2009, Urban Scrumping)
Matthew Dear - Fighting Is Futile (Benoit & Sergio Remix) (Beams (Expanded Edition), 2013, Ghostly)
Max Essa - Cactus Time Frame (Jingumae Version) (Won Ton Sunset, 2013, Bear Funk)
Max Essa - Take My Hand (Sunset Mix) (Won Ton Sunset, 2013, Bear Funk)

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