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A Season in Hell #145: Slow Me Down
August 19, 2013 8:00pm
I'll be the first to admit it, I play the Melvins too damn much. I don't play them every week, but I seem to look for any reason to throw them on. And why not?! They ROCK! And on tonight's show I had a pair of tickets to give away for their upcoming Slims show. I haven't been this excited since I gave a pair of tickets away to see Nirvana in 1991 at the Warfield when I was a DJ on KFJC. I remember asking for the 90th caller. And I got them too. HAHAHAHA! I went to that show.

Funny story:

The show was so packed, and I was on the floor, that before the lights went down for the Nirvana set, the crowd was pushing left and right, and I felt my feet leave the floor more than once. I decided I had enough and wanted out, but there was no way in hell I was going to be able to work my way through the crowd to leave the floor. So I did what any respectable and experienced rock show attendee would do: I crowd surfed out of it! I just pushed my way on top of the crowd while shouting "OUT!" at the top of my lungs (it was very loud in there). I was pushed back to the area just off the floor. The place was so packed that the security didn't move anyone away from the area I ended up at, and I enjoyed a perfect view without anyone stepping on my toes.

I also really have to blame Nirvana for the death of alternative music. I don't think they realized what they were doing when the release of Smells Like Corporate Dollars Rolling In came out in September of 1991. I love what Buzz of the Melvins said when asked in the Oregon Music News "what's the weirdest thing you've ever done?

"Weirdest? I guess the weirdest thing would be the whole Nirvana explosion out of something that we started, you know? That was pretty weird. The fact that our influence, musically, was basically on a massive, global level. Thatís pretty weird. At the same time, itís very exciting that I wasnít wrong. My initial instincts were correct. You take a homogenized, bastardized version of what weíre doing, it can indeed sell millions of records. And thatís exactly what happened."

Anyway, I digress. This is a fun show. I slow down a few tunes near the start to give you a feel of the way they could sound. Let me know what you think. There's some new stuff thrown in, and some old stuff too. And of course, there's The Melvins. A whole set of them to be exact.

Turn this one up to 11!


Cuban Pete: Dezi Arnez
Jolene: Dolly Parton

Hey Hey What Can I Do: Led Zeppelin
Bloody Hammer: Roky Erickson
Dr. Doom: 13th Floor Elevators

Mt. Abraxas: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
Worship the Devil: Glitter Wizard
Timebomb: Radio Moscow
Empty Mind: Spacin'

What You Can Do In Your Life: Petalouda
John Barleycorn: Traffic
I Don't Want To Be A Soldier: John Lennon

Youth of America: The Melvins
Revolve: The Melvins

A History of Drunks: The Melvins
Black Betty: The Melvins
Scar Box: Boris

Earthquake: Butthole Surfers
Trickle Down System: Giant Sand
Graveyard Shift: Uncle Tupelo

Tommy the Cat: Primus
Step Right Up: Tom Waits

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