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August 21, 2013 10:00pm
For the FINAL BROADCAST of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND this evening, we shall begin with an appetizer of freshly steamed kale in a balsamic vinaigrette sprinkled on creamed kale consomme. Le premier cours is an assortment of kale fricassee, blended with geo-herbs, nano-minerals and dried kale.

Tonight's secundi entrée shall be Differently-Abled Kale (formerly "Blind Kale"), consisting of cave-raised kale buds grown on fox bat guano for a hint of fermented fruit, served on a cognac kale reduction. As with all ingredients, kale served tonight at NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND was sustainably raised in abandoned urban lots by transitioning youths of color or nationality or public institution of higher learning or bus line.

Dessert is green kale sorbet chilled in liquid nitrogen and carrot cake made entirely out of kale. Your wait staff are Karen Carpenter, Bob-Marc and Sherilyn Connelly, with after-hours kale-based wines, champagne, and vodka infusion served by Puzzling Evidunce and KaLErOB.

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: The Perfect Hipster Vegetable.
Chatroom History
August 21, 2013 10:00pm - 5:30am

Mr. Green Genes: Say no to slugs. . . hard on the kale. (10:02pm)
Mr. Green Genes: (10:06pm)
Mr. Green Genes: Everybody drink! (10:10pm)
Mr. Green Genes: Burning Man . . . not even once. (10:11pm)
Mr. Green Genes: (10:13pm)
Mr. Green Genes: The only reason we wore sunglasses onstage was because we couldn't stand the sight of the audience. John Cale (10:14pm)
Mr. Green Genes: (10:17pm)
Mr. Green Genes: That has so much attack on his mic that the sound stops before he says anyting. (10:17pm)
Mr. Green Genes: (10:20pm)
Mr. Green Genes: !!!!!! Kellgren introduced "phasing," a studio technique which simulates the sound of a jet engine.[3] "He is also credited with pioneering the "flanger", the U.S. version of The Beatles' ATD (automatic tape doubling) [better known as ADT (automatic double tracking)] for that memorable psychedelic sound.[4] (10:21pm)
Mr. Green Genes: Experienced engineers and broadcasters make the difference! (10:23pm)
Mr. Green Genes: Why don't you pull them up out of the cellophane before they scorch . (10:24pm)
Mr. Green Genes: (10:28pm)
Mr. Green Genes: You mean it was charred spinach? (10:31pm)
Mr. Green Genes: WTF does everybody do to that ferslugginer control room between 1 a.m. Saturday and 10 p.m. Wednesday?! (10:35pm)
vj pussycat: sounds like Karen's in the bathroom (10:37pm)
Sherilyn: Everyone gets a turn in the bathroom. (10:38pm)
Mr. Green Genes: Nooooooooo! (10:42pm)
vj pussycat: damn it keeps dropping out. damn mountains! (10:43pm)
Mr. Green Genes: I prefer the ad hoc extra-innings KrOB/Puzzling Evidence show. (10:43pm)
Mr. Green Genes: (10:45pm)
vj pussycat: Julia child's birthday is the same as ours, Karen (10:49pm)
Mr. Green Genes: (10:51pm)
vj pussycat: Not me (10:56pm)
vj pussycat: Mnmmmmm (10:56pm)
vj pussycat: cocktails! cocktails! (10:58pm)
Dr. Penny: Soooo much beer. (10:59pm)
Mr. Green Genes: Greedo shot first! (11:06pm)
Mr. Green Genes: (11:09pm)
Dr. Penny: Wow! Money is green and kale is green. (11:12pm)
Dr. Penny: Pzlg Evdc invades. (11:15pm)
Mr. Green Genes: Will Puzzling Evidence provide new kale insights? (11:16pm)
Mr. Green Genes: Is Dr. Hal packed, is what I wanna know. (11:17pm)
Dr. Penny: (11:17pm)
Mr. Green Genes: This is where the mic stands fell. (11:17pm)
Mr. Green Genes: (11:26pm)
Baby Doug: I wuv u. (11:28pm)
Baby Doug: i wuv snotnoseflintland (11:29pm)
Baby Doug: Thanks for lake of fire (11:29pm)
Baby Doug: gmomesayin'? (11:29pm)
Mr. Green Genes: Don't let Baby Doug play with the headphones. (11:30pm)
Baby Doug: baby dung mad (11:31pm)
Baby Doug: stamp all workingworking hepfones (11:31pm)
God: No Me, heh? (11:32pm)
J. J. Cale: Deadwood....really? (11:33pm)
J. J. Cale: more like calewood.............. (11:33pm)
Hippie: love Kale (11:34pm)
Mr. Green Genes: Kalesucker! (11:34pm)
Fuckin: YES! (11:35pm)
DeadWoot: My Owned (11:35pm)
Mr. Green Genes: KALE UGLY RADIO. (11:38pm)
Storytellers: Hurry UP!!!!!!!! (11:46pm)
Sherilyn: You'll never get your old spot back, Tellers! (11:46pm)
Storytellers: We Will Haunt You In The NewNewOSpheree! (11:49pm)
Perfect_Timing: Can I get my $400 back for a free ticket...? (11:50pm)
Perfect_Timing: Especially since I have to leave Friday to go to my cousin's frakkin' wedding... (11:51pm)
Perfect_Timing: I got a rock. (11:51pm)
Perfect_Timing: Uh oh... Someone get Krob a beer. (11:51pm)
Perfect_Timing: I've been hung on a Cruciferix. (11:52pm)
Perfect_Timing: The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal? (11:53pm)
Perfect_Timing: But apparently it was a restaurant that served Kale. (11:53pm)
Perfect_Timing: Spooge? (11:54pm)
Perfect_Timing: The cream of some young French guy. (11:54pm)
Perfect_Timing: Kives (11:54pm)
Perfect_Timing: Chale? (11:55pm)
Mr. Green Genes: Chive talkin', you're tellin' me lies .. . . (11:55pm)
Mr. Green Genes: Everybody drink! (11:55pm)
Perfect_Timing: This inanimate Kale rod! (11:58pm)
Mr. Green Genes: A rat done bit my sister's kale, and whitey's on the fucking moon. (11:58pm)
Storytellers: you have two more mins! (11:58pm)
Storytellers: before we turn your head all over!! (11:59pm)
Perfect_Timing: A m00se once bit my kale. (11:59pm)
Perfect_Timing: 30 seconds! (11:59pm)
Mr. Green Genes: FINAL BROADCAST! (11:59pm)
Perfect_Timing: On next week's FINAL BROADCAST.... (11:59pm)
Storytellers: AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! (11:59pm)
Perfect_Timing: SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12:00am)
Mr. Green Genes: SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME! (12:01am)
Perfect_Timing: There will be space, and you will be spaced. (12:01am)
Perfect_Timing: ? (12:01am)
Perfect_Timing: oops (12:01am)
Perfect_Timing: There will be space and you will be spaced. (12:01am)
We: arre all about Lorne Greennn (12:01am)
Mr. Green Genes: It was on after Amos and Andy. (12:01am)
Perfect_Timing: Ah... Silly truncation (12:01am)
Perfect_Timing: "Kitty, do you even know who Graham Greene is?" " I think we've all seen Bonanza!" (12:02am)
Mr. Green Genes: LOL (12:02am)
Perfect_Timing: Exclusive video here on the radio? Sweet. (12:03am)
Mr. Green Genes: Low power laptop batteries. (12:03am)
Perfect_Timing: West Nile encephalitis. (12:04am)
Perfect_Timing: Not on the west coast... (12:05am)
The Ponderosa: Sure at your exscretion buddy (12:05am)
Perfect_Timing: The only reason I'm looking forward to NY next weekend is the chance of seeing fireflies.. (12:05am)
The Ponderosa: I'm the dirt Lorne Green walked on (12:06am)
Perfect_Timing: Oh, and my family... (12:06am)
Perfect_Timing: I am Lorne Greene's enraged colon. (12:06am)
The Ponderosa: Hoss was a fraud. (12:06am)
The Ponderosa: Little Joe did see a UFO (12:07am)
Perfect_Timing: UH OH... someone brought up the Jerry Lewis... (12:07am)
The Ponderosa: Little Joe had a ghost problem. (12:07am)
The Ponderosa: Maybe "Slapstick of a Differnt Time"? (12:08am)
Perfect_Timing: Cracking Up/Smorgasbord...? (12:08am)
Nobody: knows that one. (12:09am)
Perfect_Timing: The Day the Clown Cried...? (12:10am)
Perfect_Timing: Pssssst: Who's Minding The Store (12:12am)
Perfect_Timing: (12:12am)
Perfect_Timing: Not that anyone's reading this..... (12:12am)
Perfect_Timing: (12:13am)
Perfect_Timing: Grrrrrr.... (12:13am)
Mr. Green Genes: Anyway, it's 3 a.m. and I'm sorry I haven't made the soundboard yet. (12:15am)
Nobody: Slapstick of a differnt KinD (12:16am)
Perfect_Timing: No one's slapping my stick... (12:21am)
Sherilyn: SO MUCH RED!!! (12:21am)
Nobody: It is a Jerry Lewis movie (12:23am)
Blue: What about ME!!! (12:23am)
White: out....great (12:23am)
Perfect_Timing: Is this about the pudding...? (12:24am)
Perfect_Timing: Why do I have to be Mr. Pink????? (12:24am)
Perfect_Timing: Maybe he'll give me that signed t-shirt in exchange for a New Coke (12:25am)
Perfect_Timing: "Hey kid..." (12:25am)
ROYGBIV: covered. (12:25am)
Perfect_Timing: Did Bergen just pull his hand out of Cosby's butt...? (12:26am)
Perfect_Timing: We're saved! (12:26am)
Perfect_Timing: oops.. wrong link... frakking work laptop.. (12:27am)
Perfect_Timing: We're saved! (12:27am)
ROYGBIV: Clown Laptop (12:27am)
Perfect_Timing: Hey... Hey... I'm sorry to interrupt... But Clint Eastwood had a far better meandering discussion with a chair.. That is all. (12:27am)
ROYGBIV: He was my Mayor once (12:28am)
Perfect_Timing: Aha! Bob Cosby! We're even for my Lee Gossett Jr reference! (12:28am)
Cramel by the Sea: and high heels are illegal here, unless you get a permit at City Hall... (12:29am)
Perfect_Timing: Grrr... Missed out on yet another Bag of Crap... (12:32am)
Perfect_Timing: These go to eleven... (12:32am)
vj pussycat: I used to watch the Jerry Lewis telethon every year. until I started going to burning man instead. (12:33am)
These : go toseven/eleven (12:33am)
These : is des Larry Harvey tellathon (12:35am)
Perfect_Timing: go to 7 HELLeven... (12:35am)
Perfect_Timing: So it's ask Dr. Who...? (12:35am)
These : am in HelenEleavened Seven. (12:35am)
Perfect_Timing: Dying..... is..... easy...... Comedy.... is...... hard.... (12:38am)
These : ares Free Fallin (12:40am)
These : are best eaten with no regard to the possible oycome. (12:41am)
Perfect_Timing: Chocolate grain is made of people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(?) (12:44am)
Doughnut: It snowden on my kale (12:49am)
Perfect_Timing: They'll be killed by puppy cuteness (12:50am)
The Stortellers still haunt them: forever.. (12:50am)
Forever: Leave me out of this!! (1:08am)
The Old Kale Trail: Hal hits me. (1:08am)
The Old Kale Trail: ha aha (1:10am)
HorseShit: Sure. (1:28am)

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