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August 28, 2013 10:00pm
It's that time of the year again, time for the FINAL BROADCAST of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: LIVE from BREAKING MAN! Joining Karen Carpenter, Bob-Marc and Sherilyn Connelly at Billionaire's Camp (a gated community) are cult expert Puzzling Evidances-on-X, Film Farmer KrOB, and the person who always behaves himself Sean Kelly. Listen in and watch as a performance artist playing a terminal cancer patient desperately digs holes in the playa in search of drug money, radical self-reliance and really, really bad art, all choreographed to a theme that made Joseph Campbell throw up on his utilikilt.

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: Where self-indulgent claptrap is worshipped by techjob douchebags... just like at home.

Chatroom History
August 28, 2013 10:00pm - 3:30am

twentythreeskidoo: hey are you going to burning man (10:25pm)
twentythreeskidoo: stick your toes in the sand and set your aura free (10:26pm)
twentythreeskidoo: e-tarded burneders (10:28pm)
twentythreeskidoo: i got your burning man right here (10:29pm)
twentythreeskidoo: lick my burning man and suck it too (10:33pm)
vj pussycat: hey y'all I can hear you (11:36pm)
Burning Man:'s me.... (11:56pm)
Burning Man: (11:57pm)
The Show: "shutthe fuckgup, wastrel" (11:57pm)
The Roof of the Desert: Thenks, I'm Fine! (11:59pm)
Burning Man: C'mon love me plesaeseeeee (12:00am)
Sean Kelly: CGM 139!!! (12:00am)
The StoryTellers: C'mon LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12:00am)
John Lennon: Thanks Miceal Jackson You Sick Fuck! (12:02am)
KROB: This is Ace. (12:02am)
Larry Harvey: I can hear you (12:02am)
Purple Scribe: The fun has been doubled! (12:03am)
The Hadron Collider: I have a name. (12:03am)
twentythreeskidoo: queefage (12:08am)
twentythreeskidoo: knobbage (12:08am)
twentythreeskidoo: you can buy hotdogs made of bacon (12:13am)
twentythreeskidoo: imagine bacon wrapping that (12:13am)
twentythreeskidoo: whos this hipster? (12:14am)
twentythreeskidoo: bob marcs non nerd brother? (12:16am)
twentythreeskidoo: hell yeah..boop me baby (12:16am)
twentythreeskidoo: boop me harder (12:17am)
twentythreeskidoo: boop it good (12:17am)
twentythreeskidoo: bwoooop (12:17am)
twentythreeskidoo: the garcia tortilla (12:18am)
The Hadron Collider: Bwooop, LEAVe Us! (12:18am)
twentythreeskidoo: electric apricot forever (12:18am)
twentythreeskidoo: wtf is your problem? (12:19am)
Thunder cloud man: Suck my show (12:22am)
twentythreeskidoo: not my fault you cant get it up (12:23am)
twentythreeskidoo: talk about fuckin stuck up (12:23am)
twentythreeskidoo: eat my ass (12:24am)
Thunder cloud man: Burning Man (12:24am)
Burning Man: Love me........ (12:24am)
twentythreeskidoo: burnout man (12:25am)
RevDead: I wish I was that high (12:39am)
RevDead: (12:40am)
RevDead: (12:44am)
Dr. Penny: permission slips signed and off they go out the door (12:50am)
Hardly High: (12:54am)
Dr. Penny: Chewing on the barbequed burning man head. (12:54am)
Hardly High: Yum. Yum. (1:09am)
RevDead: faggy e-tards be huggin and buttfuckin and the manburning (1:31am)
RevDead: be fuckin the butt (1:31am)
Burning Man: They were speed (1:34am)
Burning Man: and they were gone. (2:03am)
RevDead: mephedrone and mpdv (2:16am)
Burning Man: they have none, and will not inquire.. (2:21am)
RevDead: 2-ct + 5meoamt (2:51am)

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