Radio Valencia, San Francisco Community Radio
Live From A Summer BBQ
September 1, 2013 2:00pm


It's another live-remote from a secret backyard BBQ! Malderor is back from his camping trip, but is ill-prepared to do radio. And Dr. Junk is massively hungover, as usual. So this was always gonna be a GREAT SHOW! It did feature a bunch of live songs from this summer's festivals, a healthy dollop or glam-rock, and a pile of unreleased demos from The Clash. (THIS PODCAST IS SKIPPY AS SHIT, SORRY. We blame an intermittent internet connection at the BBQ.)

2:00pm Syria by Specimen

2:06pm: Glue Zombie (Demo) by The Clash

2:08pm: Life On Mars (Live) by David Bowie

2:13pm: Circles (Propellerheads Remix) by Soul Coughing

2:17pm: Air Cal by Com Truise

2:21pm: Egyptic by Beats Antique

2:30pm: This Is The One (Live at Coachella) by The Stone Roses

2:34pm: Out Of Control (Demo) by The Clash

2:39pm: It's All Right, It's Okay (LIve) by Primal Scream

2:43pm: Root Down by Beastie Boys

2:47pm: My Baby's Got Sauce by G. Love and Special Sauce

2:50pm: Bad Day by Blur

2:59pm: 1000 More Fools by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:00pm: I Can't Wait by Hepcat

3:02pm: Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner (Feat. Marc Bolan?)

3:07pm: We're Coming in Loaded by Elvis Presley

3:08pm: Dominoes Fall by Rancid

3:10pm: Box of Records by Guinea Worms

3:18pm: In The Pouring Rain (Demo) by The Clash

3:20pm: Hit Me (Live) by Suede

3:23pm: Ride A White Swan by Marc Bolan

3:29pm: Sunlight by The One AM Radio

3:29pm: Why Won't They Talk to Me? by Tame Impala

3:34pm: Holy Roller by Thao and the Get Down Stay Down

3:38pm: Pretty Green by White Denim

3:42pm: Caught Up by Rocketship Rocketship

3:44pm: This Is Music (Live At Glastonbury) by The Verve

3:49pm: Fourth Night of My Drinkin' by Drive By Truckers

3:54pm: Lost Weekend by Buffalo Tom

3:57pm: Keep Believing by Bob Mould

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