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Confession Mix [DTW 9.10.13]
September 10, 2013 5:00pm
Emiliana Torrini - Speed of Dark (Andrew Weatherall Remix) (Speed of Dark, 2013, Rough Trade)
OL - Feel Me (Feel Me, 2013, Capital Bass)
Alex Smoke - Ruction (dub) (Dust, 2013, R&S)
Submerse - Melonkoly (Melonkoly, 2013, Project: Mooncircle)
Om Unit - Sleepwalkers (Sleepwalkers, 2013, Metalheadz)
[break] Negativ - Someone Special (Someone Special, 2013, Sequel One)
Charles Murdoch - No Lungs (Weathered Straight, 2013, Future Classic)
RUMTUM - Ritz Bitz (Mystic Wonders, 2013, 1320)
Sons Of The Morning - A Dangerous Exploration of Bird Life (Speak Soon Volume One, 2013, Yellow Year)
MGMT - Introspection (MGMT, 2013, Columbia)
Active Child - Subtle (feat. Mikky Ekko) (Rapor EP, 2013, Vagrant)
Zero 7 - On My Own (On My Own, 2013, MAKE)
[break] 96wrld - Bruce Willis (Private Language
Phaeleh - From A Distance (The Cold In You, 2011, undertow)
Andy Stott - Anytime Soon (Adult Swim Singles Program 2013, 2013, Williams Street)
Goldfrapp - Thea (Tales Of Us, 2013, Mute)
Misty Conditions - Drizzle (Baconhead Remix)
Alpines - Cocoon (Nocturnal Sunshine Remix) (Cocoon, 2013)
King Of Spain - Basement Fires (All I Did Was Tell Them The Truth And They Thought It Was Hell, 2013, New Granada)
Future Unlimited - When It Calls (Future Unlimited EP, 2012, UNLTDFUTURE)
Aes Dana - Anthrazit (Perimeters, 2011, ULTIMAE)
Benoit & Sergio - Walk & Talk (Walk & Talk, 2011, VisionQuest)
Robert Babicz - Pink Trees (Pink Trees, 2011, Bedrock)

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